Steinbeisser is a new project founded by Martin Kullik and Jouw Wijnsma that works as a conceptual temporary gallery being a base for artists working in fashion, contemporary jewellery and craftworks.

The artists collaborating are Akiko Kurihara, Alexander Fielden, Blaak, Claudio Bracco, Constanze Schreiber, Daniela Hedman, Hartog&Hennemann, Hilde de Decker, Julie Usel, Kagari Yusuke, Kathleen Hennemann, Katja Prins, Kei Kagami, Maria Cristina Bellucci, Peter Hoogeboom, Ramjuly, Sofia Bjorkman, Sylvia v. d. Ouwelant, amongst others.

This project started last year in Amsterdam and has been passing trough some cities on Europe – 9 October the exhibition opens at Lydia Kolovrat store, Kolovrat 79, here in Lisbon.

We are looking forward to see it.


Steinbeisser project

Built-in Kolovrat 79

Rua Dom Pedro V nº 79, Lisboa
Monday – Saturday | 11:00 – 19:00


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