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  | Dec 09, 2010

On day nine of our Christmas Calendar you can win the  “Fashionary”,  a diary and sketchbook created by fashion and graphic designer Penter Yip.

The Fashionary – available in two different versions for both women and men’s wear designers – looks like a traditional sketchbook, but its pages are filled with join the dot-like templates that allow designers to brainstorm and quickly sketch their ideas or browse references. Besides, the diary also includes body measurement and unit system tables, basic patterns, a calendar highlighting the dates for the main fashion weeks, designer´s contacts and quick explanations on colours, screen print methods and textiles.

To celebrate the publication of the second edition of the womenswear Fashionary, Zoot Magazine teamed up with Penter Yip to offer our readers one copy of the new edition of the diary, you can choose between the two versions for women or men’s wear designers. Below you can see a quick drawing in one minute.

Fashionary Womens Sketching from Fashionary on Vimeo.

Fashionary Mens Sketching from Fashionary on Vimeo.

Do not miss the chance to win a “FASHIONARY”, this must have acessory for fashion designers . You can only win in the next 24 hours!

To win, send us an email including your name, age, profession and location with subject “FASHIONARY” to competitions@zootmagazine.com and cross fingers to become the lucky owner of this handy sketchbook.

The competition – open to anyone in EUROPE– will be running  until 16.00 hours tomorrow (Friday, 10th), do not miss the chance!


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