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  | Dec 20, 2010

FERNANDA PEREIRA graduated in Fashion Design at Civec in Lisbon before she passed through one of the most well known schools in London, Central Saint Martin’s, for a styling course and several textile workshops.

After working with Portuguese designer Dino Alves as styling assistant and participating in fashion competitions and exhibitions in Portugal, in 2007 Fernanda decided to launch the brand 2ND with her husband and musician Noah Lennox  and opened her store in Bairro Alto, Lisbon: GALERIA DE EXCLUSIVOS E MATÉRIA PRIMA. Here you can find a mix of National and International limited edition pieces as well as of course her own line  2ND which is dedicated to recycling and reinventing.

By Cátia Nóbrega

Zoot Magazine: How was the beginning of your career?

Fernanda Pereira: All started very early, as soon as I realized that making clothes could become my profession. I loved images, performances, styling and art in general – in combinatin with fashion it soon became  my favourite area and to choose fashion design was a natural conclusion!

Zoot Magazine: Define your work or yourself in 5 words:

Fernanda Pereira: Comfortable, romantic, unique, irreverent and sensitive.

Zoot Magazine: What inspires you?

Fernanda Pereira: Everything that surrounds me … Really!

Zoot Magazine: What is the concept behind your latest collection?

Fernanda Pereira: My Spring/Summer 2011 collection is all about video games, and parallel worlds of reality. I wanted to create a heroine capable of extreme situations, whilst  maintaining elegance, sensitivity and romanticism.

Zoot Magazine: What was the most peculiar situation that you professionally have faced so far?

Fernanda Pereira: My shop assistant calling me to say that Björk was at my store in Bairro Alto buying my hats.

Zoot Magazine: What do you think are the major difficulties of fashion in Portugal?

Fernanda Pereira: Portugal is not a  a country that communicates its artists to the rest of the world.

Zoot Mgazine: What is the music that you take with you all the time?

Fernanda Pereira: Panda Bear/ Animal Colective: if he wasn´t my husband!

Zoot Magazine: Favourite worst nightmare?

Being alone in a country or city completely where i do not know anybody.

Zoot Magazine: What do you wish for your future?

Fernanda Pereira: Peace!


Rua da Rosa, 195/197 (Bairro Alto)

Monday to Suturday  2.00pm – 9.00pm


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