Inspired by the brilliant colors of Byzantine art and by Faberge artist Yuri Gorbachev  (yes, he is Mikhail Gorbachev´s relative! ) creates colorful, richly textured paintings in oil and gold. His artistic world reflects the Russian culture, a radiant kaleidoscope of folk celebrations, street fairs, circuses, snowy winter landscapes, czars of the Romanov dynasty, and the ancient tradition of Russian Orthodox icon painting.

He  established his career as a painter in the Soviet Union before moving to New York in 1991. With his illustrations for Absolut and Stolichnaya vodka advertisements Gorbachev is spreading the colorful spirit of Russia around the world.

Indonesian culture and people have a deep influence on his work, and Gorbachev’s work has been celebrated in the last few years in more than 20 museums around the world, including  The Louvre, The Hermitage and The White House.

This Winter Yuri Gorbachev signs once more a limited edition bottle of  Stolichnaya premium vodka sold  exclusively at the airport stores  with a design inspired on the four elements, earth, water, air and fire.

By Cátia Nóbrega


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