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  | Mar 01, 2011

This March, the ra collective will be bringing an exhibition of womenswear, fashion art and photography to the centre of Paris, showcasing 11 like-minded talents from across the globe whose works are all linked by their individuality and unusual style. Below you will find some information about each of the contributors.

Nono Pessoa

Belgian artist, Nono Pessoa, shows us that layering is not only confined to the world of clothing and fashion. Her work is a continuously transforming process where images are layered upon each other and covered up over and over again to create a fragmented and interrupted narrative with only remnants of the original catalyst imagery within the work.

Collectif du 7 Janvier & Stephanie D'Heygere

The five French artists behind “collectif du 7 janvier” collaborated with Belgian designer Stephanie D”Heygere to create an intricate babel tower made from a quite peculiar material: jelly. The idea is to reflect on how several practices can communicate together within a shared project, optimizing the talent and abilities of each individual.



Been by D'Heygere

Stephnie D”Heygere also presents her line of fancy legwear entitled “Been by D”Heygere”. The leggings show a variety of unusual colours and prints which keep on evolving; the new collection will be inspired by autumn with prints based on the forest and including more styles than previous collections.


Irene Alvarez

Belgian illustrator, Irene Alvarez, has collaborated with Alabelby to create a line of totem t-shirts with a neo-ethical concept. The drawings reference optical art and have been fused into skulls or wild animals and printed onto the t-shirts in a way that they become necklaces or skins.

J Smith Esquire

J. Smith Esquire from the UK takes millinery to the next level; exploring concepts of protection and British tradition to create a unique piece for the exhibition which he describes as “pinstripe armour”.


Spaghetti Gang Bang

Spaghetti Gang Bang is brought to us by a group of girls from various geographic locations and refers to a sub-genre of art and fashion fusion that emerged in early 2000. The girls are focusing on shoes this season, creating a unique installation for the exhibition.


Sayaka Yamamoto

Sayaka Yamamoto, based in Eindhoven with her partner Boaz Cohen, will introduce her new jewellery line, Gem Sessions, to the exhibition displaying her ability to contrast the industrial and the hand-made through architectural yet subtle pieces. “Our first collection within Gem Sessions features necklaces and brooches constructed of Kuros – small creatures originating from the darker side of the moon, who seek affection and warmth around the human body.”


Paula Selby Avellaneda & House of Matching Colours

Paula Selby Avellaneda and House of Matching Colours bring their second collection of womenswear, based on the search for true love. The London-based house aims to develop their signature style this season with a story of “girls that run away on horses in the middle of the night, searching for their lovers.” The team often create stage outfits for musicians and create items on request such as leather jackets or t-shirts.



hide a.h.

Hide a.h. showcase a selection of long hoody dresses, hand-knitted cadigans and macrame mittens, furry shoes, pleated skirts and golden goddess dresses inspired by the idea that “the power is in the flower, the word is in the love.”


Serkan Cura, Turkish designer, presents his first collection of jewellery and hats at the exhibition, emphasizing his passion for individuality with a variety of feathers, jewels and furs. He has worked for several prestigious houses in the past, including Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

“Liza”s Territory”, a fashion and photography exhibition, will also be presented featuring 8 contributors with their sartorial and visual reinterpretations of Lena Lumelsky”s teenage daughter Liza. Images are shot by photographer Zeb Daemen and hair and makeup by Mathieu Von Kat.

The contributors and titles of their interpretations are as follows:

Narelle Dore: “Sending Liza a golden wish.”

Johanna Trudzinski: “Rapunzel, or `I don’t want you to grow up´ princess.”

Hide a.h.: “Schoolgirl by hide a.h.”

Damien Fredriksen Ravn: “Among gnomes and trolls”

Lena Lumelsky: “Jam redit et virgo – here comes the virgin.”

Johan Akkeson: “The Narcissist”

Elise Gettliffe: “Let me read my book.”

Heaven Tanudiredja: “Journey of finding home.”

By Lucy Mclean

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