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  | Mar 24, 2011

To those faithful fans of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand the following perfumes, packaging and all, are truly collectable items…

Newly presented in an endearing JPG tin can the brand’s first feminine fragrance Classique, created back in 1993, and its younger counterpart Classique X, come complete with miniature 3.5ml spray in the iconic feminine physique bottle. The Classique collection provides sweet and sensuous tones taken from roses, orange flower and vanilla with variations of spice from star anise, ginger and amber wood, while the Classique X fragrance develops to include more fresh and luminous tones from mandarin and bergamot too.

The Le Male perfume for men was initially launched in 1995 to revolutionise the world of male perfumery and in 2010 we saw the arrival of it’s new alter-ego, Le Male Terrible. These masculine fragrances are based on lavender, one of the most effusive components of male fragrance, along with matching tones from orange flower and diversities of vanilla including cardamom, cinnamon and cumin.

The more classic Le Male perfume combines these ingredients with mint, sandalwood and cedar for a manly yet tender scent. Meanwhile, Le Male Terrible provides a more youthful fragrance with a distinct freshness in the first few notes followed by bolder tones of rose pepper and bitter grapefruit. For Spring 2011, Jean Paul Gaultier is launching these two men’s perfumes in special edition, for which the celebrated tin can is transformed into a useful sleek silver cocktail shaker

These Limited Editions were presented to the Zoot team on a local riverside bar terrace while the sun set over the Tejo and some beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier bar tenders served up special Le Male cocktails (alcohol-free). The recipes are included below so you can test out your own creative bar skills and experience for yourself the combinations of flavours and scents that represent the actual base ingredients of these unique Jean Paul Gaultier scents.

Le Male Cocktail:

20cl orange juice

2cl mint syrup

1 stick of vanilla

Le Male Terrible Cocktail:

10cl orange juice

10cl grapefruit juice

2 drops of Tabasco

1 stick of vanilla

…Combine ingredients with ice in your limited edition cocktail shaker and shake for 5-10 seconds… Serve over ice and enjoy the sensual flavour and fragrance of JPG…

By Lucy Mclean


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