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MINOCAS is a seven year old, 27 cm high,  mixed female dog, very sweet, lovely and extremely cuddly. She gets on very well with other dogs and also with children.

She needs a FAT or a permanent home as MINOCAS is currently in a “dog hotel” but will need to go back to  “Canil Municipal de Braga” soon.

IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THESE LIFES PLEASE CONTACT  ABRA in Portugal +351 912 380 560 urgently

Everything is taken care of  for adoption in Portugal and with the the help of the  German partner association 4-Happy-Paws also for adoption in Germany (vaccinations, transport, chipping, EU papers, etc). The only thing you have to do,  is get in touch with ABRA in Portugal or with 4 Happy-Paws in Germany –  they will also take care of the transport to Germany.

4-Happy-Paws in  Germany,  +49 7062 938441: you can view more photos and a detailed description of  MINOCAS amongst other dogs  in Portugal  on the German website.

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