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The third and final residents to be enlisted into the Lisbon Red Bull House of Art this year come in the form of the creative group Os Espacialistas (“The Spatialists”): four Portuguese artists Luís Baptista, João Cerdeira, Diogo Castro and Sérgio Serol, curated by the renowned Delfim Sardo. Their aim is to explore, day by day, the contact points between architecture and contemporary art, focusing on the understanding of spatial relationships, transfiguration and metamorphosis of both symbolic and literal space.

In order to carry out this concept, as in previous projects, their work is focused in one specific area, mapping the perceptual, cognitive and physical interactions through photography and sometimes video or installations.

With the help of an Operating Theatre and the D.I.A. (o Depósito de Investigação de Arte e Arquitectura) os Espacialistas have a strategy of intervention from sunrise to sunset in this unique creative space at the top of LX Factory”s water tower, using their residency environment as a training ground for their artistic studies; where photographic sketches can be made from the roof-top terrace or through the squares in windows and doors, to tell a story of their games, studies and findings; to be published on their blog which itself acts as a piece of online artwork…

The daily routine of os Espacialistas in the RB House of Art runs as follows:

Os Espacialistas on the staircase
Os Espacialistas on the “Training Campus”
Os Espacialistas in the laboratory
Os Espacialistas and food
Os Espacialistas and hygiene
Os Espacialistas in the Operating Room

Until the opening of the exhibition, entitled “O Piscocenho”, on the 11th November 2011, each day is a blank page that will be coloured by the sight of four explorers crossing the boundaries of art, medicine, architecture and cuisine…

Each Thursday is open to the public between 12.00 and 19.00 providing a unique opportunity to witness the progress of this final site-specific project at the Red Bull House of Art, LX Factory, Lisbon.

By Lucy Mclean

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