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Swedish brand TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) is now launching a limited edition selection of “tatooed watches” in collaboration with one of Sweden’s most well known tattoo studios, Salong Betong.

Danne Eriksson, founder of Salong Betong saw an interesting paradox in the way that TRIWA are synonymous with colour whilst as tattoo artists they only really work with grayscales. The theme of the collaboration is a patriotic tribute to Sergelstorg, a famous meeting point in Stockholm, with online slots its unique triangular pattern.

Each tattoo artwork is created on one piece of organic untreated leather from the Tärnsjö Tannery in Sweden, which is then cut out to make 30 truly unique watch bands. The bands are then combined with TRIWA ’s signature watch model “Raven Nevil”.

This unique watch will only be sold on TRIWA ’s website:

By Lucy Mclean

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  2. While it isn’t the only tattoo salon in this urban mecca of just over 1 million people, it garners quite a following thanks largely to its close association with Stockholm’s street and nightlife cultures. Such rooted connections led to the salon’s newest creation, the SALONG BETONG x Reebok Classic Leather Ultralite.

  3. I have see a many designers luxuries designed watches but this is a really a very attractive and unique design watch which i display at above. I think, it is one of the best watch by Swedish brand TRIWA.

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