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Born 1942 in Matlock Derbyshire, UK

I have been painting since the early 1960’s and am almost entirely self taught. I am committed to exploring the subconscious and I like Paul Delvaux and Max Ernst amongst others.

Since moving to Australia in 1988, I’ve exhibited regularly with Wagner Gallery Sydney, and have a one man show every two years. As a child I was always intrigued by paintings involving some sought of mystery element. So I have tended to be drawn in this direction myself. Get the viewer guessing and wondering what it’s about!

I’m a firm believer that I should not have to attempt to explain the enigma to people and that the picture should retain some mystery for a lasting interest.

I’m interested in Dreams and Subconscious thoughts and the weirdness of how we go from one thought to another in an almost drifting process. Dreams are a great source of material for me. My paintings are more deliberate and constructed with the element of change.

I think most people realized that I was trying to show the Pathos in such a subject. These days I’m still interested in death of course, but I think I’m more subtle. I have always had a fascination with beautiful subjects, especially women and I love painting them, especially getting a good expression or gaze!

I am an Intuitive painter. If it doesn’t work in an Intuitive way, I can’t progress. I don’t suppose that’s all that unusual really, I suppose all artists are intuitive!

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