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Ethereal Resilience: NADYA DZYAK unveals SS24 collection

A tribute to naive artist Polina Raiko


Ukrainian designer Nadya Dzyak, founded her fashion brand in 2008, and has been captivating the fashion world with its unique blend of architectural forms and feminine aesthetics. The brand’s commitment to pleated details, translucent fabrics, and multi-layered decors has earned it international recognition. Each collection is a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship, with a particular emphasis on hand-laid pleats and ruffles. The brand’s iconic transparent dresses, adorned with pleated ruffles, are a worldwide sensation.


All lookbook images courtesy Nadja Dzyak

Words Anushka


Emerging from destroyed art, the Nadya Dzyaks’s SS24 collection chronicles resilience and draws inspiration from the works of Polina Raiko, a Ukrainian naive artist whose famous museum house was tragically flooded after the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam. We found the photos below in a very interesting article from Adam Oestreich about Polina Raiko in the Daily Art Magazine.


Nadya Dzyak about the tragedy…

After the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station disaster, entire villages and towns in southern Ukraine submerged underwater. One of the most famous art landmarks, the museum-house of the naive artist Polina Raiko in Oleshky, was also flooded. The walls and ceilings of the rooms in it were completely covered with unique and extraordinary paintings, which Mrs. Polina created herself, purely from the heart.
I wanted to transfer her paintings onto our dresses, to convey this mood. After all, our country’s future will be built on the foundation of preserved and rediscovered culture. And so, we must cherish our artistic heritage with all our love, even if it has been washed away by water.


The tribute to Polina Raiko is a vibrant burst of colours – mimosa, mint, delicate pink, turquoise, and lilac. The brand continues its exploration of transparent pleated textures, creating an illusionary optical effect through the intersection and combination of different pastel shades. Ruffles, arranged in geometric patterns, make it seem as if the designer was painting in the air.


Continuing the theme of denim from the previous season, the collection introduces a vibrant narrative. The fabric, processed in Odessa, resonates with Polina Raiko’s palette, carrying a sacred meaning dyed on the porch of Dzyak’s parent’s house with the help of her father. This ritualistic process reflects on preserving heritage, everyday life, traditions, and parental love amidst war.

My father helped me hand-dye clothes and dry them in the sun. There was something archaic, almost ritualistic in this process. It made me reflect again on how we will carry the metaphysics of our heritage into the future, everyday life, traditions, parental love,” says the designer.

— Nadya Dzyak



Nadya Dzyak on the colour palette…

In this unexpectedly lively colour palette, there is something childish and probably something that’s forced its way out through the pain. After all, the origins of our strength lie somewhere in childhood. From there, we take the most important things on our journey to adulthood – unconditional love, belief in the future and dreams. And when life turns into a nightmare, the rays of this inner light pierce the darkness of the soul.



The SS24 collection by Nadya Dzyak is more than just a fashion statement. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, a celebration of cultural heritage, and a beacon of hope for a brighter, more sustainable future. The collection was presented at London Fashion Week in September 23 and in the Paris showroom VETEMAZE.






The “Cityscape Arc Nadi bag”  was created especially for the London Fashion Week show, in collaboration with the brand’s designer Grie, Alisa Grishaeva. Nadya wants these comfortable bright shoulder bags with a colour-blocking technique bring mood and hope. “For me, this is another story about how faith, unity, and mutual support can create miracles,” shares Nadya Dzyak.

Nadya will be showing her AW24/25 collection at ModaLisboa for good on 10th March in Lisbon.

19th September 2023, Old Selfridges Hotel, London. Nadia Dzyak presents her catwalk show as part of the Ukraine Fashion Council show during London Fashion Week. © Chris Yates/ Chris Yates Media




To boot…


Nadya Dzyak is donating 20% of all sales towards the Ukrainian army.


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