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Illustrating the Sculpting data

Fourteen artists and their take on DCC x ZOOT #2

Dive deeper into the collaboration between fashion designer Matthew David Andrews, the illustrators of Drawing Cabaret Couture and ZOOT, where high fashion meets technological prowess and artistic perception, in a fusion of creativity. Each artist with their destinctive style, creates different perspectives with illustrations, inviting us to take a closer look at the editorial production and Matthew´s design.


A collaboration between  ZOOT and DRAWING CABARET COUTURE


Production & location DCC Studios London

Fashion designer Matthew David Andrews
Millinery Jenny Beattie

BTS photographer Paul Winstone

Set design Matthew GJ Lawrence art director at DCC 
Official lighting partner Rotolight

 Aviyah Keren  Betty Southerland  Dori Spector • Emanuela Mae Agrini • Felicity Cormack  Gilly Lugo  Jean Warner • Karen Yan  Kathy Whyte  Liz Vinson  Natalie Thomas  Rene Clarke  Taryn Lee • Venie Tee

Models Rouge Ma Knees and Janet Mayer at J’adore la vie cabaret

Makeup & hair Laura Malwina
Wigs Anne Veck

Words Letícia Lima


At the heart of DCC’s ethos lies its dynamic studio space, where artists from diverse backgrounds explore their craft through weekly classes and immersive art events. This collaborative environment fosters a culture of creativity and experimentation, allowing artists to push the boundaries of traditional artistic expression.

In this collaboration with Matthew David Andrews, DCC showcases a series of illustrations capturing the essence of Andrews’ debut collection. Each illustration offers a glimpse into a world where fashion serves as a canvas for self-expression and artistic exploration.

The whole scenery was captured by acclaimed fashion, portrait and event photographer Paul Winstone. As you explore these illustrations, don’t miss the opportunity to also view ZOOT’s main editorial feature “Sculpting data”.


Artwork by Aviyah Keren

Aviyah is a self-taught artist from North Carolina, USA. Aviyah focuses on movement and detail in her art, spanning mediums such as charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and digital. Her work has been featured in exhibitions and published in magazines, solidifying her place in the artistic realm.








Artwork by Betty Southerland

Betty Southerland, a lifelong artist, creates expressive figurative and abstract artworks using bold techniques and a range of mediums. Through her art, she explores themes of humanity, connectivity, and self-expression, aiming to surprise, challenge, and uplift viewers. Her work, often inspired by life experiences and emotions, reflects her belief in the transformative power of art to heal and connect us to one another and the world around us.










Artwork by Dori Spector

Dori Spector, a Moore College of Art graduate, is a illustrator with a career spanning advertising and courtroom sketching, she specializes in evocative depictions of Ardrossan Farm, The Hope Montgomery Scott Estate. Her artistry has earned recognition in local and national shows, cementing her reputation among esteemed galleries and collectors.





Artwork by Emanuela Mae Agrini

Emanuela Mae Agrini, born in Genoa, Italy,  is an artist whose journey spans across different disciplines. After her studies in literature, archeology, and ancient art at the University of Genoa, she rediscovered her passion for drawing and painting while living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Today, her artistic focus revolves around portraiture, where she sees an opportunity to capture both the personality of her subjects and her own vision.





Artwork by Felicity Cormack

Felicity Cormack’s keen focus on illustrating dancers and musicians in motion led her to uncover Drawing Cabaret Couture, where she continues to refine her craft through experimentation with various materials and techniques. Inspired by the convergence of fashion and dynamism, Felicity’s artworks delve into the dynamic energy of experimental fashion, adeptly capturing the textures and contours with her discerning artistic perspective.





Artwork by Gilly Lugo

First generation Domenican American, based in New York. Matriarch, artist, painter and sculptor.










Artwork by Jean Warner

Jean Warner, a multifaceted artist with an MFA in painting and printmaking, blends traditional expertise with digital innovation. Specializing in expressionist paintings and life drawings, she infuses her work with energy, gesture, and vibrant color. Drawn to Drawing Cabaret Couture’s avant-garde approach, Jean finds inspiration to explore new artistic realms.






Artwork by Karen Yan

Karen Yanis, a Los Angeles-based fashion and costume illustrator, draws from a rich background in Fashion Design for Women’s wear from Parsons Paris and Men’s wear from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. Influenced by her experiences living in Hong Kong, Massachusetts, and New York, Karen’s illustrations are vibrant, versatile, and fun, reflecting her colorful worldview. Whether creating runway fashion or movie/TV costumes, Karen infuses each project with her passion and creativity.












Artwork by Kathy Whyte

Karen’s career journey began in Chicago as a fashion illustrator before she transitioned to London as a storyboard artist. With a focus on portrait painting and life drawing classes, she honed her skills, offering illustration services to private clients. Known for her live sketch artistry at weddings and events, Karen joined Drawing Cabaret Couture’s digital platform two years ago. Her artistic ethos revolves around capturing “A moment in time” with fluid brushwork and fashionable flair.



Portrait of millener Jenny Beattie (left) with Mary Jane Stevens during the fashion show of Mattew David Andrews at London Fashion Week, held at The Crypt Gallery.




Artwork by Liz Vinson

Based in Kent, Liz’s journey into fashion illustration blossomed during lockdown, finding inspiration in weekly Drawing Cabaret Couture zoom sessions. Influenced by illustrators like Heath Robinson and Quentin Blake, Liz’s pen and ink work blends storytelling and expressionism, focusing on movement and character.






Artwork by Natalie Thomas

London based artist, who describes herself as “A carrier of pen and paper, whereever I go”. The scetches below were not made during the fashion shoot at DCC but made backstage from the Mattew David Andrews show at London Fashion Week, held at The Crypt Gallery.




Artwork by Rene Clarke

Renée Clarke,  is an illustrator from Bristol, UK, she specializes in celebrating form and fashion through a blend of various artistic mediums. Her creations delve into the intersection of reality, fiction, and fantastical elements.




Artwork by Taryn Lee

Taryn Lee, a Toronto-based artist, creates vibrant figurative artworks and fashion sketches. Her pieces, featured in Canadian magazines and fashion illustration collections, reflect her fascination with personal style.












Artwork by Venie Tee

Venie Tee, is a Kuala Lumpur-based fashion designer, who discovered her passion for fashion after graduating from Central Saint Martins College in London. She later pursued a Master’s in Illustration in San Francisco, rekindling her love for drawing and painting, leading her to focus on fashion illustration as her primary artistic expression.






Fashion designer Matthew David Andrews with his muse Rouge Ma Knees, BTS photography by Paul Winstone.




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