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Lee and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania present their second collection for men and women.

The S/S 2011 collection features denim jackets and vests in metallic rainbow colors; bondage short’s and  jeans covered with spots of paint.

The  woman collection includes 8 new jeans: “Skinny” in bright and metal treatment; “Jeggings” in tiger standard pattern; “Slim” beige jeans with holograms; black coppery “Bent” and “Salon” jeans; “Authentik Crop” completely torn (VW influence of the SS 1991 collection Cut & Slash); “Bummy” jeans with paint stains and “Artifice” that are inspired by the famous “Alien pants”.

The collection also includes a unisex model of Authentik Jeans with patches and emblems, and the iconic Anarchy stripes and the Bondage shorts in strong red.

The men’s collection was inspired by bikers, rockers and festival-goers. Jeans and jackets are embroided with badges and patches: The collection presents 6 models of  jeans and 4 tops: The “Bondage” jeans with the closure detail by VW, the “Classic” Jeans, and “Low Crotch”. The “Overall” jeans and “Mechanic” jeans were developed respectively in wider format (banana) and a straits model, the “Mayfair” jeans features a flat front and pleated-style tailoring of Savile Road.
The denims are covered with ink spots, are torn, and sewn with emblems.   Metalic  holograms printed on fabric, gives to the collection a psychedelic touch, reminiscent of ’70´s.

By Paulo Meixedo

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