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  | Mar 24, 2011

This little book by João Bettencourt Bacelar entitled ‘Water Closet’ was recently presented at the ModaLisboa Love Edition and features a rather unusual backstage reportage of the previous ModaLisboa Heartcore Edition 2009…

João commandeered a WC at the Fashion Week in Estoril to capture almost 100 people  irrespective of position or function, surprising and catching them “just as they are” with no production or post production, around the nonsense phrase ‘Apague as… feche as torneiras’.

And so was produced an alternative book consisting of various portraits of people in the middle of their jobs; fashion designers, models, journalists, cleaning ladies and any others that happen to be passing through this particular backstage bathroom.

By Lucy Mclean

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  • Anonymous

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  • Joao bacelar

    Sure B&W are the best Closet Colors, and for me it would be easier to calibrate all the photos. but one of the most important aspects of this pictures is that they dont have any post production at all. I did about 300 shots, and in the book are the 100 best ones without giving them any treatment, so the ideia was “without production or post production”.


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