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The stand out fashion moment at the weekend’s Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona was claimed by British singer P J Harvey.

Text by Charlotte Pattullo

Photo by Inma Varandela

Playing just after the sun set on Saturday evening the raven haired musician appeared on stage swathed in a white gown with long feathers dotted through her hair.

The cotton dress, high necked and wrist skimming evoked a Quaker bride. A corset with multiple fastenings worn over the top added a touch of the madness of Miss Havisham. Her dreamy pastoral look was enhanced by the zither – a hand held, harp like stringed instrument – she online casino played for most of her set. Artfully placed feathers adorned the drum kit.

Photo by Inma Varandela

Singing songs from her new album, Let England Shake, a portrait of her homeland and the perpetuity of warfare, of lands ‘ploughed by tanks and feet,’  she seemed curiously out of place, both in country and in time, an unfathomable enigma performing to a bewitched audience.

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