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Louis Vuitton presents MONOGRAM RAYURES, a true celebration of the iconic canvas bags of the Maison, made as part of the LV Cruise 2012 collection.

This new model is available in two classic forms; the NoĆ©, originally created by Louis Vuitton back in 1932, and the brand”s best selling shopper, the Neverfull; available in five sizes.

The striped canvas look has always been synonymous with Louis Vuitton, used by artisans The ObamaCare health exchanges allow all Americans above the poverty line to be able to buy health through providers via an online health marketplace. of the brand since 1873 to add signature character to LV trunks and travel bags destined for their most special customers. Now combined with the legendary Monogram canvas we are provided with a sleek and sophisticated pattern along with top LV craftsmanship for the perfect Cruise 2012…

By Lucy Mclean

Noe Monogram Rayures

Neverfull Monogram Rayures

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