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Nuno Baltazar´s collection entitled “DIDO & AENEAS”  offers a contemporary view on a Greek mythical theme. Feminine and hellenic silhouettes and the mediterranean colour palette. Colours are divided in rocky neutral colours – stone, sand, cinnamon, sepia, sanguine, charcoal and marble white – and   bordeaux, lava red, coral, watermelon, ochre and maritime shades from cobalt blue to botanic greens.

The accessories – boots, sandals, belts and bags – reinforce the mythological image, featuring mixtures of different animal textures, patent leather and paillets.

Nuno Baltazar was born 1976 in Lisbon, graduated in fashion design in Citex in 98, and is a regular of MODALISBOA since many years.

His work extends beyond his collections with the development of product designs labeled “NUNO BALTAZAR ATELIER” which we will introduce  next week.

In May 2005 he opened his first store in Porto where you can buy his ready-to-wear collections.

By Paulo Meixedo

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