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Belgian lingerie brand Marie Jo L’Aventure is once again releasing a capsule collection with a guest designer, which for Autumn/Winter 2011 will be the wonderful Veronique Branquinho with a collection soaked in 1950’s ambience and a sense of refined couture.

By Lucy Mclean

Silk satin meets transparent tulle and the collection incorporates a new flexible skin-friendly material especially developed for the straps with a similar appearance to grosgain, a rigid material used in haute couture. The lingerie body has a scooped back reminiscent of exyravagant evening dresses, while the “demi-corps” bra, high breifs and corset give a truly classic and feminine feel to the collection.

Femininity is universal and timeless and has always inspired me. It is a recurring theme in my work. When I see the naked figures of the old masters, I don’t feel they differ much from the women of today and I wonder how they would look nowadays in lingerie,” says Branquinho who revived her days of oil painting at art school and reproduced the work of great Masters, such as Cranach, Giorgione, Raphael and Dürer adding painted lingerie from her collection onto the naked bodies of the women depicted. It can be seen that the style of the collection perfectly compliments the ambience of the paintings and even the emerald and onyx colours of the lingerie pays homage to the palettes of the old masters whilst intensifying the feeling of couture.

Veronique Branquinho for Marie Jo L’Aventure will be available in speciality lingerie boutiques from mid September 2011.

Venus by Giorgione

Lucretia by Lucas Cranach

Eva by Albrecht Dürer
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