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In a recent interview with Ricardo Preto, the now well-established Portuguese designer spoke of his hopes for his Spring/Summer 2012 collection to bring a new silhouette to the catwalk and to feature colours and patterns that inspire an urge to play.

Ricardo, you have certainly succeeded. Lisbon’s catwalks were graced during this season’s fashion week with pastels, nudes and bold shades in a vast array of designs and styles which showcased Ricardo moving away from his more monotone collections of the past. Floor-length, ethereal dresses and jumpsuits were a highlight, in sheer, flowing fabrics. Vibrant cherry reds, burnt ochres and peachy oranges popped on the catwalk whilst muted greens, oysters and whites reflected a sleeker, more sensual side to the collection.

This season we also saw a resurgence in cut-out designs, exposing snippets of waistlines and elegant décolletage. Preto managed to make the collection innovative by revisiting previously seen styles and re-working them. His use of geometric shapes and cuts are featured in his summer 2010 collection, however, when teamed with cut-out waistlines, sheer fabrics and a combination of monochrome and vibrant colours Preto reworks the style and succeeds in bringing a certain je ne sais quoi to this stunning collection.

By Lucy Robinson

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