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The primary motivation of this collection, according to Dino, was to work with new materials to push himself into new approaches and explore a new attitude in his designs.

For Spring/Summer 2012, Dino Alves therefore opted for a recreation of traditional lace and embroidery of the Romantic era, redesigning the historical stereotypes through clashes in new fabric and geometric patterning.

Dino has mixed lace pieces amongst themselves, constructing them into calculated designs for example, a futuristic take on the natural honeycomb pattern, and adding a dash of “New Sexy” to the collection through transparency of fabrics. Colours range from eggplant, grey, soft yellow and brown to black, white, and hot pink or deep blue accents, whilst silhouettes remain ethereal and add a touch of folk, featuring thin fabric trains, undulating hemlines and clashing material combinations.

The overall achievement of this mens and womenswear collection, including swimwear and accessories, is a modernised view of the ‘old romantic’ look which has ironically become calculated, sexy, and mathematic…

By Lucy Mclean

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