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Love, nature and creatures

Three women, sisters at heart, find peace and freedom in the French countryside

Photography Laurence Laborie
Art direction and styling Veronique Droulez
Model Myrtille Revemont
Presented by model agent Olivier Lesech

Special thanks to La Ferme des Gorges des Villiers, David MerdrignacClaudia Bevilacqua


This is a story of three women: sisters at heart and soulmates.

During the first summer of the pandemic, after the isolation and unease of confinement in France, photographer Laurence Laborie, stylist Veronique Droulez and model Myrtille Revemont escaped the summer heat in Paris to find freedom and simplicity on a farm in Normandy.

Veronique gushes about her two countryside companions, describing Myrtille as Amazonian, an angel who blends with nature and becomes a part of it. “Laurence is a soul sister to me”, she continues. “We met and we realized we were speaking the same body language, and we had similar life experiences and the same way to approach photography as an art form.”

This love story starts with cinematic inspiration from the 1985 film Sans toit ni loi directed by Agnès Varda, and similarly, the approach was uncomplicated. Veronique lovingly styled Myrtille in her own personal wardrobe. Foregoing makeup and hair styling, Myrtille’s natural beauty shines through as she connects with Laurence’s lens.




Dress MANOUSH PARIS; leopard apron stylist´s own.




I have known Myrtille for five years; I shot her for beauty twice before. I love to shoot with her. Veronique and I wanted to work together since a long time but were very busy, she and I before the Covid pandemic.

After the 2nd confinement we needed to get some fresh air so Véronique and I had the idea of a shooting in my house in Normandy to enjoy nature and make a new sense of fashion photography, we wanted to shoot timeless images.

I knew that Myrtille loves nature and animals so I proposed this shooting to her and she was very excited with the project.

― Laurence Laborie, photographer


Lace dress WE ARE HAH; cowboy boots SARTORE.


Bra LA PERLA, undies H&M.


We went to the farm next to our house so that Myrtille could pose around the goats and with chickens, we wanted this series to emanate the simplicity of life in the countryside, the authenticity and serenity that reigns there.

― Laurence Laborie


Shirt REPLAY; belt KILIWATCH PARIS; denim shorts GUESS; hat NICK FOUQUET, clogs FREE LANCE; socks DIM.


Sequin bodysuit EMANUEL UNGARO; fishing boots LE VIEUX CAMPER



The place in Normandy is just so right, charming, in deep relation with nature, light and poetry.

― Veronique Droulez

Silk kimono YOSHYKIMONO.


It’s a love story that started with a movie inspiration called “Sans toit ni loi“ from Agnès Varda. I dressed Myrtille with my own clothes and customized vintages brands. We shoot everywhere on and around the farm; no need for a hair and make-up artist as it was not necessary with [Myrtille’s] natural beauty.

― Veronique Droulez


Silk nightgown LA PERLA


Bodysuit FRUIT OF THE LOOM; studded denim vest GUESS.


Veronique’s immense energy and her excellent artistic direction and always quirky styling led us to this so beautiful series of shots where we find the sublime Myrtille more natural and inhabited by grace than ever. A very good moment spent all together and a story in accordance with the expectations of this so difficult period — an escape towards the essential values which hold us so much at heart.

―  Laurence Laborie







Perfect casting: Myrtille was the absolute right god gold angel to create that wild creature for this wild story.

― Veronique Droulez

Fishnet body REPETTO; bra and undies LA PERLA.


Animals, our friends. Around them we’re so much better.

― Veronique Droulez



Bodysuit FRUIT OF THE LOOM; denim jumpsuit GUESS; boots SARTORE


Basically and honestly, Laurence is a soul sister to me. I love her, I really do. Covid made us run out of Paris, at this time the restrictions and everything was so hard. We met and we realized that we were speaking the same body language, and we had a similar life experience and the same way to approach photography as an art form. Laurence and I are a perfect couple, I would say.

― Veronique Droulez




Vintage Jacket DOLCE & GABBANA; vintage boots FREE LANCE; feather necklace SANDRA VOUS HABILLE.






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