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To the light

DZHUS's surreal silhouettes illuminated by glimpses of light

Model wears pieces from DZHUS’s AW 22 collection as a floating nylon sculpture by Alisa Marchenko covers the model’s face.


In the midst of a power shortage emergency in Ukraine, the conceptual Ukrainian brand DZHUS launches its 2022 Christmas campaign with mysterious anonymous figures inside barely luminated liminal spaces. Wearing pieces from the brand’s Autum/Winter 2022 collection, the enigmatic figures seem frozen in time, surrounded by levitating nylon sculptures created by Ukrainian sculptor Alisa Marchenko, with the mission to “illuminate the way for the humankind with their inner, invulnerable power”.

Words by Fernanda Russomano


Launched just a few weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, DZHUS’s AW 2022 collection was the last one released before the war. It is a visual representation of unexpected changes, as elaborated silhouettes transform into completely different-looking pieces upon detaching or adding elements. Styled by the brand’s founder, Irina Dzhus, the 2022 Christmas campaign presents pieces from the collection in ways never seen before, proving once again the versatility of DZHUS’s multi-purpose clothing.

Inspired by Ukrainian festive masquerade and theatre traditions, the surreal photo series features nearly fully covered figures inside unsettling dimly lit surroundings, referencing the blackouts that have become the egregious norm in the brutally bombarded country. Due to Russia’s constant strikes on Ukrainian power plants, around 10 million people are faced with long-term emergency blackouts, leaving many civilians to spend the cold winter days in the dark with no energy, heat or water.

Shoes from the Ukrainian ethical footwear brand House Martin adorn the model’s feet, highlighting one of the few portions of skin visible in the entire campaign. As the figures are illuminated by glimpses of light, DZHUS’s 2022 Christmas campaign shares a message of strength, encouraging viewers to look inside and find light and power from within.


A floating heart.



Fully covered figure styled with different DZHUS’s conceptual clothing pieces.


Organic forms remind of nature.


Light shines from within.


Sculptures by Alisa Marchenko float around the anonymous figure donning pieces from DZHUS’s AW 22 collection and shoes by House Martin.



Wrapped bodies, coverend faces.


The wedding dress.


As a way of supporting Ukraine, DZHUS has been donating 30% of its profits to the Ukrainian army and animal rights organizations.

On January 18,2023 DZHUS will present its AW23 collection at Berlin Fashion Week.

More information about the brand can be found at


All images courtesy of DZHUS.

Photo: Victoria Rikhtik @rikhtik_victoria
Model: Natalia Volkova @nathanael_vlkv
Ethical transformer outfits: DZHUS @dzhus.conceptual.wear
Sculptures: Alisa Marchenko @alisa__march
Cruety-free footwear: House Martin @housemartin_footwear
Creative direction, styling and retouching: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio @irina.dzhus
Styling assistant: Anatolii Elgert @anatoliielgert


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