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All that glitters

A sparkling collection of gel colours in Marisa de le Fuente's favourite shades


Polished nails are ubiquitous. From thousands of years ago to today, for all gender expressions, in all walks of life and across the world, we all crave colour in our lives. Friend of ZOOT, the multi-hyphenate Marisa de la Fuente, recently launched her collaboration with Nails4Us, introducing a collection of shimmering gel polishes in all her favourite colours* to give everyone a little sparkle at their finger tips.


Beauty editor Antonia Rosa

Photographer Joana Linda

Products by Nails4Us “Collection Superstar Marisa” by Marisa de la Fuente
N°s 16, 17 and 18


Nails4Us is a group of nail salons with locations across Portugal and also in Spain and Angola. Marisa’s collaboration with Nails4Us started when she was selected to do an advertising campaign for the brand a few years ago. From then on, as Marisa explains, “an empathy and friendship with the brand’s mentor grew and I became one of its ambassadors over the years.” Founded in 1999 with an emphasis on quality, hygiene and safety, the Nails4Us salons offer a range of services, including manicures, pedicures, gel nails and nail art. They were recognized for their service when they won the “Best Beauty Concept” award from the Portuguese Beauty Awards in 2015.

I was challenged by Magda Lourenço, the brand mentor for Nails4U, to choose three gel colors for my collection, which is called Superstar Marisa, in the brand’s color portfolio, so that they could be used by all customers. I chose three shades of glitter, because I’m a huge fan of glitter on nails. Two shades are lighter, one in blue and one in lavender, and another darker one between blue and black, which are my favorite colors. Marisa de la Fuente


Marisa has been a gel nail polish aficionado since 2001, when gel nails appeared on the beauty scene in Portugal. With varied and busy career as a stylist, model and clinical psychologist, it is important for Marisa to keep her nails healthy, beautiful and well preserved. As a 61-year-old woman in the prime of her life, Marisa told ZOOT, “I always liked to be dressed up, at my best and I never neglect the beauty of my hands and nails.”

Check out the collection in all its sparkling glory below.


Rose quartz: Superstar Marisa n°17




Lavender luminescence: Superstar Marisa n°16





Magmatic midnight: Superstar Marisa n°18




*The colours of the gel polishes may appear different depending on the light.

Words by Michaela Doyle

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