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BandoleroxBlindato at BOOM festival

If you got curious viewing our recent  editorial “Bandits at heart” featuring the twins Bandolero and Blindato check out their photographic work and this preview of their intimite peak behind the scenes at BOOM festival.


Photography  Bandolero and Blindato

At the Boom festival we created moments that we’ll carry into our lives. We were able to connect with people from different countries and with different ways of life. This event allowed us to embark on a new world where the spiritual aspect and the energy of the people was contagious.
Together we lived an intense week where we captured moments of happiness, spirituality and adrenaline. Above all, our connection is with the people, because they are also the ones who make the festival and that was the main element to portray.
Our work is a representation of reality. Our opinion only serves to idealise a world from our perspective.
We photograph what we see, right or wrong.

— BandoleroxBlindato






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