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LITHY is a very sweet and calm female dog, eight years old.  She needs an owner urgently, if not, she will be killed. LITHY has a week heart, so she has to take two tablets a day every day. She is in the deathrow in “Canil Municipal de Braga” in Portugal and has now less than one week to live.

IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THIS LIFE PLEASE CONTACT  ABRA in Portugal 351 912 380 560 urgently casino

Everything is taken care of  (vacinations, transport, chipping, EU papers, etc). The only thing you have to do,  is get in touch with ABRA in Portugal or with 4 Happy-Paws in Germany –  they will also take care of their transport to Germany.

4-Happy-Paws in  Germany,  49 7062 938441:  you can view photos and a description of  LITHY amongst other dogs in Portugal  on the German website.

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