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Kathleen Hennemann, necklace in concrete, silver and pearl

Steinbeisser is a new temporary modern art space in Amsterdam that stages various exhibitions, performances and experiments, bringing together a diverse range of artistic expressions, as well as selling a unique selection of contemporary jewellery, design and fashion garments to the public. The project was created in cooperation with the Cultural Embassay of Lloyd Hotel which stages topical cultural events for the Hotel’s guests and visitors, primarily based on their personal luggage or what is going on in town at the time.

Yusuke Kagari, purse in leather, paint, thread and fiber
Yusuke Kagari, purse in leather, paint and thread

The upcoming programme for Steinbeisser this year is as follows:

1 October – 4 November: The exhibition ‘Sieraadenkoorts‘ with Dinie Besems, Leonor Hipólito, Gisbert Stach and Fabrizio Tridenti which aims to showcase the various perspectives relating to the field of contemporary jewellery. To project contemporary jewellery as an artistic and cultural contact point, settled at the crossroads of other disciplines such as installation art, photography, sculpture and video art.

Dinie Besems, rings in silver
Dinie Besems, necklace in chalk and thread

5 November – 2 December: The exhibition ‘10 Years Retrospective of Shoemaker Kei Kagami’ with Kei Kagami which displays a wide-range of shoe creations displaying a unique personal and visual understanding of the experimental and individualistic artist and maker Kei Kagami.

Kei Kagami shoe
Kei Kagami shoe

3 December – 31 December: The exhibition of ‘Improvisation‘ with A5, David Zambrano and Mat Voorter. The experimental contemporary jewellery group A5 together with contemporary dance artists Mat Voorter and David Zambrano will show in a live performance on the 3 of December how improvisation may bridge two art forms and relate creative interaction to the instant of a moment.

Claire Baloge, necklace in bone chine porcelain, copper and silver
Hannah Joris, brooch (and pendant) in potato and iron

Steinbeisser also introduces several side venues which will be running events throughout the rest of the year, such as:

22 October: Spotlight-Event with Marijke Schurink
4 November: Spotlight-Event with Jacomijn van der Donk
5 November: Performance with Monika Brugger, Marzena Krzeminska and Simon Tanguy
10 December: Spotlight-Event with Daniela Hedman
30 December: Finissage

Penka Arabova, brooch in rock crystal, rubber and silver
Penka Arabova, brooch in plastic, rubber and rock crystal
Penka Arabova, brooch in plastic, rubber and onyx

Marijke Schurink, ring in soap and coral
Gitte Nygaard, necklace in binchotan charcoal, steel and silver
Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Oostelijke Handelskade 34
1019 BN Amsterdam
Opening Hours :  Tuesday – Saturday ,  11:00 – 18:00

All images © Steinbeisser 2011

By Lucy Mclean

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