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YOU & UA | Ukraine Charity Platform

From Ukraine to Berlin

A cool new concept is popping up at CLB Berlin : “YOU & UA” . The platform, which launches today (Friday, 17 June 2022) will showcase the work of Ukrainian artists, designers and musicians. Find out more about the artistic community on instagram @youandua

In addition to displaying the deep well of artistic talent coming out of Ukraine, the platform aims to help the designers and artists regain income lost since the beginning of the war, build financial independence in Germany and foster cross-cultural exchanges. The majority of the proceeds will go directly to those affected by the war, and additional proceeds will go to various aid organisations.

More than 20 Ukrainian design labels and several artists will be exhibited and included in a pop-up shop as well as a series of events, talks and workshops. Visit the CLB website to find out more about “YOU & UA”  and see the evolving list of participating Ukrainian creatives.

The programme will be continuously updated in the coming weeks.


Anna Voda | Iuliia Kafizova | Yevgeniia Laptii | Victoria Likholyot | Greg Radomsky | Kateryna Lisova | Nikita Vlasov.

Design labels

Aisenberg denim | Annkara | Anumoplastic | Cowroccoli | Decline TH | Empty land | Gibsh | Larisa Zolotova | Levada Upcycle | Lusterco | M1R | Poglyad Leo | Psych0upcycling | Savvina Gallery | Self control studio | Tokonikomu | Warped Jewellery | Zirochka Ukraine | Zinka’s bags | Zherebetska | 2101.


Faculty & Daily



YOU & UA Charity plattform for art, design, fashion, photography and music from Ukraine.
Opening 17th June 2022, 19h, CLB Berlin, Moritzplatz, 10969 Berlin. 



ZOOT is giving you a taste of what’s in store at CLB. See below for some gorgeous and thought-provoking pieces from featured artists Anna Voda, Greg Radomsky, Yevgenia Laptii, and Julia Kafizova.


Paintings on canvas by Anna Voda @anna.voda



Yevgenia Laptii @zhenialaptii
Photographer, visual artist

Photo by Yevgenia Laptii




Greg Radomsky @greg_radomsky
Filmaker, photographer and scriptwriter

15 minutes of life in one frame.
I started work on this conceptual project for another reason, and for another meaning. But now these photos clearly show my view on life before 24/02/22. It’s an illusion mirror of memories about my friends, people who are close to me and myself. This project is not about depression and losses. It’s part of my life and I want to remember it. I already see our future life in this mirror and it’s beautiful.




Julia Kafizova @juliakafizova
Visual artist

Self Cycle

The project is seen as the desire to see my own body from the position of the observer from different points of view. Our body is the place (or position) from which we look at the world and ourselves. But our view of ourselves is limited by the position of our own body. There is a certain paradox in this situation. What is closest to us (our own body) never appears to us in its full form, we can consider it only in parts. If we look at the hands, we will not be able to see the back, if our eyes are turned to the right side of our body, then the left side remains hidden. What can we say about the face, which without additional items (reflections, mirrors, photos), we would never have been able to see.

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