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For those of you who did not get to pick up the latest edition of Prego whilst its editor, Alex Viera, was present in Portugal at the 19th Feira Laica Publishing fair, do not stress as it is now also available online through the Chili Com Carne online store. The 5th edition, which saw its launch at the recent fair, is devoted to “sound”.

This journey through the theme of sound is not all that innocent since Viera has strong connections with Punk/Hardcore cultures, making comic links to black metal celebrations, biographies and autobiographies of rock critics as well as some psychedelic luxuries from Diego Gerlach and the usual Brazilian nonsense throughout. The magazine also publishes photography and interviews with various authors and illustrators of Punk concert posters…

For those who are already familiar with Prego, this new edition is filled with more content than ever before, whilst still being a small soft-back comic publication suitable for any hot headed youth of today.

By Lucy Mclean

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