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The Lunch

Born 1942 in Matlock Derbyshire, UK

I have been painting since the early 1960’s and am almost entirely self taught. I am committed to exploring the subconscious and I like Paul Delvaux and Max Ernst amongst others.

Nude in a Landscape


Skipping Past Time
The Hermit

Since moving to Australia in 1988, I’ve exhibited regularly with Wagner Gallery Sydney, and have a one man show every two years. As a child I was always intrigued by paintings involving some sought of mystery element. So I have tended to be drawn in this direction myself. Get the viewer guessing and wondering what it’s about!

I’m a firm believer that I should not have to attempt to explain the enigma to people and that the picture should retain some mystery for a lasting interest.

Nocturnal Excursion


Colossus of Rhodos
The Bouquet

I’m interested in Dreams and Subconscious thoughts and the weirdness of how we go from one thought to another in an almost drifting process. Dreams are a great source of material for me. My paintings are more deliberate and constructed with the element of change.

Looking Class Room


Incident on Platform

I think most people realized that I was trying to show the Pathos in such a subject. These days I’m still interested in death of course, but I think I’m more subtle. I have always had a fascination with beautiful subjects, especially women and I love painting them, especially getting a good expression or gaze!

Forrest Terminal

I am an Intuitive painter. If it doesn’t work in an Intuitive way, I can’t progress. I don’t suppose that’s all that unusual really, I suppose all artists are intuitive!

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