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To Porto with Love

Porto’s untamed tides and rugged beach provide the perfect backdrop to capture raw beauty, human bonds and spine-tingling styles by Marques´Almeida, Luis Carvalho, Alves Goncalves, Carlos Gil and others. Salty air. Sandy feet. Atlantic silver kissing endless sky. A coastal wind that cheekily tugs at statement fabrics and bold spirits. This is To Porto with Love.

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Wrong WeatherGokosEmerson Renaldiräder & räder


Chiou, Aidé and Karolina holding acetate message signs by CARLOS GIL, shoes by MARQUES´ALMEIDA.


All swimsuits by VERSACE, available at EMERSON RENALDI. Aidé and Chiou wearing GUCCI glasses with heart and star pendants, Karolina wears a CELINE frame, all sunglasses availble at RÄDER & RÄDER.



Saint Laurent by the Sea.

Chiou wears SAINT LAURENT neckholder dress with a heart and dot-print, available at EMERSON RENALDI; shoes by MARQUES`ALMEIDA.

Aidé wears pleated silver metallic silk mini dress by SAINT LAURENT available at EMERSON RENALDI; oversize sunglasses by CELINE at RÄDER & RÄDER; shoes by MARQUES`ALMEIDA.



Atlantic Sirens calling.

Rita and Aidé in MARQUES´ALMEIDA. The turtleneck top is made of stretch tulle, dress and skirt are denim, all artistically treated with the ancient art of batik technique.
Maria wears dress by ALVES GONCALVES in an alternative way.


One with the Elements.

Helena in dark blue ALVES GONCALVES dress.


Aidé wears floor length denim patchwork dress by ALVES GONCALVES.



 Who Run the World.

Helena wears jacket and short pants by LUIS CARVALHO; top by CELINE, available at EMERSON RENALDI.


Rita wears MARQUES`ALMEIDA top and denim.

Maria in MARQUES´ALMEIDA deep black denim feather dress.



Eva wears FENDI mesh body with bustier, available at EMERSON RENALDI and MARQUES´ALMEIDA mermaide skirt.



Moving between Sky and Sand.

Aidé wears FENDI sports-luxe athleasure look with matching FF-print top and leggings, available at EMERSON RENALDI; shoes by MARQUES´ALMEIDA.


Entre o sono e o sonho – Between sleep and dream

Entre o sono e o sonho,
Entre mim e o que em mim
É o quem eu me suponho,
Corre um rio sem fim.

Poesias. Fernando Pessoa


Your Skin Is a Portable Ocean.

Aidé wears purple satin LUIS CARVALHO dress with cut-outs and ruffles.





We Are Many. We are One.

From left to right: Helena, Maria, Rita, Aidé and Eva are wearing LUIS CARVALHO. Eva wears a dress from ALVES GONCALVES underneath her long coat.
Tiago in MARTINE ROSE available at WRONG WEATHER
Sebi in RICK OWENS available at WRONG WEATHER
From left to right: Sebi and Lucas are wearing RICK OWENS, Gama is dressed in VENTEMENTS, Tiago wears MARTINE ROSE. All is available at WRONG WEATHER.



Lucas in RICK OWENS available at WRONG WEATHER


Songs of Saudade.

saʊˈdɑːdə (noun, originated in Portugal) | a feeling of intense longing, melancholy, or nostalgia.


Rita wears yellow linen LUIS CARVALHO dress.
Helena wears pink MARQUES´ALMEIDA dress.





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