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MODALISBOA Metaphysical A/W 2022: DUARTE

Collection "World Keeper" part 2 - street art, street dance and a little dog named Tadao

Lisbon born fashion designer Ana Duarte is showing with her label DUARTE since 2015 at ModaLisboa. Her current A/W 2022 collection is a bold and strong statement and embraces the concept of sustainable streetwear. Anna is following up her previous collection which was entitled “World Keeper”. It circles around the story of the dog Tadao, that fights environmental threats created by mankind. She draws her inspiration from street art and street dance – the show also included a street dance performance – and most of her pieces are unisex, layering and mix of materials are key. Duarte fabrics are well resourced as she does not want to harm the planet with her work but on the contrary, wants to make a statement that our way of living and consuming can safe our planet. @duartebrand


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