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DINO ALVES: Once a cowboy…

This is a throwback from the print issue of ZOOT Magazine "All-new", Summer 2009 Issue 1 Volume 2

Dino Alves has been seen as walking the line between wildness and convention for 14 years now. The Portuguese designer – and the models who know him best – set the record straight.

The interview with Dino was conducted by Joana Cardoso, editorial design
by art director Asger Bruun Jakobsen. The photos were done in our studio at LX Factory in Lisbon.

Photography Thomas Probosch
Styling Dino Alves
Hair Paulo Vieira
Make-up Antonia Rosa
Production Andrea Probosch

Photo assistant Rebecca Fonseca
Production assistant Laura Pielken
Make-up assistant Chung Sun Joo
Hair assistant Andreia Pinto

Sofia Baessa
Maria Joao Baghinha
Ana Isabel
Sofia Aparicio
Paula Raposo
Erika Oliveira

Special thanks to Cláudia Rodrigues, Rui Filipe Lopes, Joao Noro Caldeira

All clothes by Dino Alves (S/S 2000 – S/S 2009)



“My very first fashion show was for Dino, and I could already tell that he had a little star shining over his shoulder and lighting his path. Today, I could not be prouder to have him as a friend. ” ERIKA


“Dino creates and accessories in a very personal, strong
and original way. He is a worker, a doer – full of positive energy.” FLOR


“Nothing is ever the same after a Dino show. I´ll never forget the day I had to jump from a 10-foot ladder and land on the catwalk on pillows full of baby powder…so funny.” PAULA RAPOSO


“Dino is the ethernal child of Portuguese fashion. His imagination
has no limits and he plays with clothes and images in a unique way.” SOFIA APARICIO


“Dino and I grew up in fashion together. I´ve always admired his way of being purely himself. For me he represents the freshness of fashion.” ANA ISABEL


“Dinamico. Insaciável. Notável. Objectivo. Arrojado. Libertador. Versátil. Explorador. Suave. ” NAYMA


“Dino provided a stage for my artistic impressions, and both of us express through fashion an art without limits or preconceptions.” MARIA JOAO BAGHINHA


“I love doing Dino´s catwalks because he creates big shows with big stories behind them. I think on a bigger stage he would be an even bigger star and we should appreciate having him here.” SOFIA BAESSA








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