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Rich Bitch, reglammed

A throwback to the plastic fantastic world of ZOOT's autumn 2007 print issue

The global premiere of the Barbie movie has taken the world by storm, enchanting audiences of all ages with its nostalgic fashion and empowering message. Directed by Greta Gerwig, “Barbie” delivers a resonant message that urges women to stand up against limiting expectations and celebrate the diverse and multifaceted nature of womanhood. And it’s just plain fun.

While reminiscing about our own days spent playing with dolls, we didn’t have to go all the way back to childhood—only to 2007! To mark the movie we can’t stop talking about, we’re throwing it back to ZOOT’s print days and our Rich Bitch editorial.


Photography Emmanuel Honold

Fashion editor Véronique Droulez
Assisted by Frederic Chane-sy

Hair Cristophe Nicholas Biot

Special thanks to Tonner Dolls NY

Words by Kelly Bernardo


Our opulent editorial (Volume 1 #8, autumn 2007) showcased Barbie lookalikes adorned with exquisite haute jewellery from prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Chanel, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and more. Photographed by Emmanuel Honold, with hairstyling by the renowned Cristophe Nicholas Biot and art direction and styling by our Paris-based fashion editor and long-time ZOOT contributor Véronique Droulez, the dolls served as models dripping in gemstones and precious metal.

This tribute to Barbie’s influence wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Tonner Dolls NY, the company that created the taller, bendier, bigger “sister” of Barbie. Whereas Barbie was created in 1959 by Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel, Inc., Tonner Dolls were launched in 1991 by American fashion designer Robert Tonner, with features like bendable joints, hand-painted faces and couture-cut fashions. As Tonner explained of his creations, “Put together fashion design and sculpture and you basically have a doll.” Plus, the Tonner Dolls’ 40-centimeters to Barbie’s 29 offered a larger canvas for Veronique to create the haute jewellery fashions of her dreams.

In honor of the Barbie movie-inspired throwback, we caught up with our friend Veronique Droulez, who shared some behind-the-scenes stories from the original “Rich Bitch” photoshoot and talked to us about her creative work as art director of Guess.


This Tyler Wentworth model is the prototype of all Tonner dolls. Dressed in the “Chiffon Charade” outfit, Tyler is graced with BOUCHERON jewellery.


I won an award of best stylist and art director in 2000 and then moved to New York, started to work again with Gilles Bensimon, Patrick Demarchelier, Ellen von Unwerth, Antoine Verglas and did an amazing book for Salvatore Parasuco, a Canadian denim brand, with Raphael Mazzucco in India. Paul Marciano from Guess saw it and made me come to LA to work there—until September 11th happened. Then I moved back to Paris. I was working for Paul Marciano from Guess for almost 20 years. I loved that my work was free, unique and creative; I did travel the world and made so many friends everywhere. And I could do editorials in between for ZOOT.

— Veronique


The “Are You Ready, Sayuri” doll is based on the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Clothed with refinement, Sayuri wears BVLGARI jewellery.


I did a window with [Tonner Dolls] with Guess accessories, watches earrings, necklaces, etc. I was doing a lot of different things at Guess and loved it. For the Printemps, a big store here in Paris that I loved, it was very crazy: [Tonner Dolls] on the beach in Beverly Hills, you name it. What a big success! So, it was like, I did it already, and easily…but why not also for a magazine like ZOOT?

— Veronique


Dreamettes Lorrell , Effie and Deena are from the “Dreamgirls” line, based on the Broadway musical. Here the trio is garnished with jewellery from VAN CLEEF & ARPELS.


I met the photographer Emmanuel Honold—such a nice guy—and we decided to do a story for ZOOT magazine, where I was already working as fashion editor. The same idea that I did for the Printemps window with Guess, but in the studio with [Tonner Dolls]—only this time with their own outfits: I could choose the fashion looks at Tonner’s office and decided to combine the dolls with real jewellery that I could choose, too. But yes, photographed in the studio of course for security reasons!

— Veronique



The Sydney Chase doll is wearing her “Career Woman” ensemble. This doll originally came with prescription eyeglasses, for heightened realism. Here, she’s ornamented with luxury jewelry from CHANEL.


So I took pictures of the [Tonner Dolls] and their fashion look to be able to choose the haute jewllery, which was easy—an easy time back then. I think today it would be impossible but we had so much fun and it turned out really nice, and the editorial became a great souvenir among others and thanks to ZOOT I could do anything creative with them.

— Veronique


This Sydney Chase doll wears her “Byzantine” outfit, dressed up with fine jewellery from CARTIER. The panther motif is one of Cartier’s most iconic and enduring design elements.


Regarding my job as a stylist, I follow my instinct. I like a lot of things, too: From denim to punk to rock to simple to naked to couture. Name it. No routine. And of course, the trends. Unfortunately nowadays we are less free, I could say, than before. We can’t mix the big brands anymore, so luckily we can play more with young creators. I can also follow a movie, and it gives me a mood for art direction. Also life in general and the news, bad or good. But in this Barbie case I was “avant garde”!

— Veronique



Supergirl, a doll from the “Superman” line, is embellished with haute jewellery pieces from CHOPARD.



Veronique on playing with Barbie as a child…

Yes, I had a Barbie…plus three real brothers to play with!


Tonner’s “L’Hiver” doll is part of the New York City Ballet line, with fashion inspired by the original costumes of the 1954 production of George Balanchine’s “The Nutcracker”. Here “L’Hiver” wears a delicate set from French high jewellery house CHAUMET.


Veronique on her career path…

I got my baccalauréat of philosophy at 18 years old, and then to make money I worked in a clothes store, very fashionable, doing the windows, the merch, dressing the customers. A famous stylist was shopping there, and I didn’t have a clue what a stylist was (Even though I did some modeling when I was younger.) All that was to pay my vacations to go to Morocco. I was thinking of working in a Club Med! But destiny made it that I saw that stylist again in Marrakech, and she introduced me to a photographer. Then I did my first catalogue shoot, and that was the key! It was easy for me, like I had it in me in my blood.




“Holiday Treasure” Tyler Wentworth, is a limited-edition doll produced by Tonner in 2006, with only 300 dolls released worldwide. She is adorned here with jewellery from TIFFANY & CO.


Veronique on her advice for new stylists…

The advice, honestly:
– Follow your instincts.
– If you can make it, trust yourself.
– Be creative.
– Never give up.
– Be organized.
– Be strong.
– Art direction is part of our job.



Prince Charming is a doll from the “Cinderella” tale line. He is suited with PIAGET jewellery.





Ritch Bitch, an editorial from ZOOT #8

















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Veronique Droulez, stylist, art director and ZOOT fashion editor

Originally from the Paris area, Véronique Droulez received the prestigious Best Stylist and Art Director award in Canada in 2000. Regarded as one of the most important stylists in the fashion industry, she is recognized for her exceptional artistic talent and expertise. With quite the distinctive style, Véronique seamlessly blends fantasy and creativity in her designs, ranging from ready-to-wear to sophisticated haute couture.

Her role as a creative director and consultant for various press and campaign companies highlights her versatility and contribution to the industry. Her editorial work has graced the pages of publications like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. Collaborating with a wide range of photographers, Veronique’s work has been featured in events, videos and albums, making her a prominent figure in the fashion world. Her diverse clientele includes Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion, among many others.



To boot…

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Edited by Michaela Doyle.




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