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Ukraine calling #1


We tell stories. We tell stories to give a voice and to share information and to connect with one another.

You go to bed, everything is fine and you wake up in the middle of the night and your world is unrecognisable. This is what happened to our colleagues in Ukraine. On February 24th 2022 everything changed – and we knew we had to do something.

As we have watched the situation unfold in Ukraine and provided support to our Ukrainian friends and colleagues, we have also reached out to our network of journalists, designers, artists and friends with the idea of all doing something together. We want to stand with Ukraine.

Our collaborators are in Lisbon, London, Pescara, Toulouse, Paris, Nuremberg, Berlin, Kyiv, New York. Much of our old team is back with us, and a new team of creatives has joined. For the past three weeks, we have been working together to create a series of interviews, Ukraine calling. This is #1.

Through this new ZOOT series, we are sharing the stories and words of Ukrainian designers and artists in order to shine a spotlight onto what it means to be a creative living in a war. We launched the first three interviews this week on ZOOT, and we’ll continue with three more every week.

We want to invite you to share the weekly stories from Ukraine calling, so as to amplify the voices of Ukrainian creatives as much as possible – with a big social media blast from our community. For each weekly issue, we will provide a set of seven Instagram images, like the ones below, plus a short editorial letter with tags and a set of hashtags.

Please feel free to share them on your Instagram posts and stories and to pass them on to friends and colleagues.

Thank you!

ZOOT editorial team





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