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Fashion chronicles: Pink Street 3/3

Tany´s bold walk on our magenta runway


Pink Street, Rua Nova do Carvalho, in the Cais do Sodré neighbourhood in Lisbon was named one of the 12 most popular streets in Europe from the New York Times. It used to be the heart of Lisbon’s red light district and home to numerous brothels, seedy bars and and a place where sailors who disembarked in Lisbon loved to go. In 2011, however, the district was radically transformed and turned into the trendy neighbourhood with its bright pink-coloured pavement as the main attraction — we used this pink splendor for our very own runway.


Photography and film Thomas Probosch
Music Tony Corlett

Beauty Jona Lopes for Antónia Rosa with Clarins

Talent Tany Aguiar from Da Banda Model Management

Featured designers Luis Buchinho with Alcino jewellry • Carlos Gil • Ricardo Andrez and Nuno Baltazar

Styling Pedro Trocades and Andrea Probosch
Assistants Kelly Bernardo Marta Luis and Leticia Lima

Words Andrea Probosch
Interview Leticia Lima

Special thanks to 262 Boutique Hotel and to the ModaLisboa backstage team.


During ModaLisboa à la carte in October 2023 we had the chance to photograph the mornings before the shows with different models, each of them wearing curated looks of different fashion designers introducing their SS24 collection. We selected outfits from some of our favourite established Portuguese designers, as well as from “Sangue Novo” the up and coming new generation. It was a challenge to get the looks even before the shows or hunt them down directly after and secure the looks for the next morning. Special thanks to all the designers and PR´s involved. We met early each morning with our team and decided to photograph in an outdoor location close by the ModaLisboa venue, in and around Lisbon´s beloved Pink Street.

For part three of Pink Street on Sunday morning our team got looks from Luis Buchinho, Carlos Gil, Ricardo Andrez and Nuno Baltazar. We were thrilled to be able to work with Tany Aguir from Da Banda Model Management. I was seeing her for two days backstage on the shows and loved her elegant cat-like walk. We met directly in the makeup area backstage ModaLisboa, Antonia already had to run to do the morning show from Ivan Hunga Garcia in a different venue, but left us with wonderfull Joana Lopes for makeup. Tany´s quiet, nearly timid, gaze and intense energy was compelling and Joana highlighted the contour of her face with pastel-coloured powdery glitter, and off we went to Pink Street.


Tany in Luis Buchinho´s silk dream in waterblue.


ZOOT: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? What inspired you to enter the fashion industry? Could you talk a little about your journey from the beginning to now?

Tany: Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a model and I always asked my mum to buy me Barbie high heels, but at the time there was no money to buy both toys and food, and I was very sad because I saw that other children could and I couldn’t. 

I couldn’t accept the life I had, so I decided to sell the drawings I made when I was seven and managed to earn some money to help my mum. As time went by, I couldn’t stand selling drawings in the street any longer, so I decided to insist that my mum and I moved  to Portugal so that I could realize my dream of becoming a fashion model and designer.



ZOOT: Could you talk a little about your journey from the beginning to now?

Tany: The first time we tried to go to Portugal, we couldn’t because of Covid-19 in 2020, and it wasn’t until 2021 that we managed it with the help of my uncles. When I arrived in Portugal it was very difficult to find an agency and after a while I had already given up on modeling, but one day my aunt gave us the phone number of a photographer and so we spoke to him and he saw my photos, so he gave us the number of my boocker who is Sandra Texeira, we managed to speak to Sandra, so I did the training to be a model and after a few days I managed to get into the agency.



Tany strikes a pose in Carlos Gil´s handembroided couture dress.


ZOOT: Can you tell us a bit more about your background? Where are you from and what was it like growing up, given your African and Portuguese heritage? How did these roots influence your childhood and adolescence?

Tany: My past wasn’t easy, my life in Mozambique was very difficult because of the living conditions. Growing up in Mozambique was very good, although I didn’t have many conditions, I was happy because I had my friends and I was closer with my family.



ZOOT: Could you share some key elements of your beauty and skincare routine? 

Tany: I don’t really have any secret ingredients in my beauty routine, I just wash my face once in the morning and once in the evening with soap.



ZOOT: How do you prioritize your mental well-being, especially in the face of the intense demands of this industry?

Tany: I have to confess that it’s not easy, because I also have to watch my diet so that I don’t fall below my ideal weight.



ZOOT: With such hectic schedules during fashion weeks and events like ModaLisboa, what do you like to do in your spare time to relax and recharge?

Tany: When I go to fashion shows or when I’m traveling for work, my favorite thing to do in my free time is to sleep and listen to music.



ZOOT: What makes you feel “at home” when you are traveling for work? Are there any specific things you take with you or any places you visit in cities that make you feel “at home”?

Tany: I usually take my sketchbook and draw clothes.



Tany in whirling colour twists from Ricardo Andrez.


ZOOT: Can you  describe your style off-duty and mention some fashion essentials that you love in your personal wardrobe?

Tany: I actually call my style “Material Girl” because I think it’s very different from other styles and in my wardrobe what I like to wear the most are wide-leg trousers.



ZOOT: The fashion industry has been making moves towards inclusivity. How do you see the industry evolving in terms of diversity?

Tany: A few years ago there was much less inclusion than there is today, it’s just that today we’re seeing more and more inclusion.



ZOOT: Who are your role models in the industry, and how have they influenced your approach to modeling?

Tany: In the fashion industry, my favorite models are Bella hadid, Anok Yai, Imaan hammam, Gigi hadid and Yasmin Wijnaldum because they have a specific way of being and I feel inspired by that way not only inside the shows but outside too.



Tany in Nuno Baltazar´s composition in silver and mint.


ZOOT: The fashion industry is not without its challenges. What changes would you like to see in the industry to create a more positive and supportive environment for models?

Tany: In my opinion, there should be a greater psychological support network for models because of the pressure that models are under, and sometimes not everyone can withstand that much pressure.



ZOOT: How do you deal with criticism, and what advice would you give to young models who might face negativity or body shaming?

Tany: What I did and do to deal with criticism, I simply ignored other people’s opinions and held my head high with confidence. And my advice to young models is to have a lot of confidence and always remember how the journey of modeling began.



ZOOT: Beauty is often associated with physical appearance. How do you define beauty, and what message would you like to convey to those who may struggle with societal beauty standards?

Tany: For me, beauty lies within and I think we human beings should value it more.



ZOOT: If you could talk to political work leaders, what subjects close to your heart would you address? 

Tany: If I could talk to political leaders, the topic would be to rethink the valid reason for wars.


Thank you Tany!

If you got curious now and you want to see the fashion drawings of Tany, check out  her illustrations here on ZOOT.



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