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Children of the last generation

Zoomers, Generation Z, e-kids, TicToker´s – these are all names for the generation, born between 1997 and 2012, and many scientists predict this will be the last generation able to actively influence the fate of our planet. ZOOT asked 18 young urban people in Lisbon how they see the world, what drives them, what concerns them most - and what they want to change.


Photography Valeria Creanga
Art Direction and Beauty Editor Antonia Rosa
Production Michelle Silva
Hair Paulo Vieira using Joico and Mia
Make-up Antonia Rosa • Federico Simão • Joana Lopes • Pedro Sacramento • Bella • André Fernandes
Featured make-up and beauty brands Rowe Beauty • Maqpro • Clarins • 3Ina Makeup • Bioderma • PatMcGrath LabsSisley



Rodrigo Semedo wears mask by MARCOS HASS HORN


As the first of a long series that aims to visually dig into Lisbon´s subcultures, this editorial conceptualized by Antonia Rosa, ZOOT´s beauty editor, blends unique make-up looks with carefully chosen accessories to create beautiful portraits that capture a few of the faces of “the last generation”.

My inspiration […] is the vast amount of subcultures that have been emerging in Lisbon in the past 20 years. They are young adults now and want to leave a mark on society, similar like we did in the 70s/80s with the punk movement. All 18 people we portrayed have the following things in common: They are young, looking out for themselves, have the courage to be what they want to be and have their very specific aesthetic principles.

– Antonia Rosa, beauty editor

Antonia teamed up with 22-year-old photographer from the Republic of Moldova, Valeria Creanga. As a GenZ herself, she translates her vision of the world through her photography and depicted the essence of her generation through this series of images.


Today the world faces climate change, war, patriarchal society, social and economic inequality, poverty and starvation. I think many of these problems stem from selfishness, greed, ignorance and lack of empathy and respect for others. The most powerful weapon against ignorance is knowledge. Change starts in the individual conscience, applying a feminist and conscious discourse in everyday life. Do not be afraid to report and intervene when we face discrimination and inequality.

– Tiago Lourenço


Right now we live in a system that doesn’t work. Human rights are being defied each day in order for a few people to have their richness secured. We need to unite and organize to finally have a revolution of the working class.

– Leonor Carneiro



Climate change. It’s real, it’s scary and I want to believe we can still save the planet. But I think there’s a big misconception about it. It’s not about plastic straws, it’s about the big companies that continue to pollute this planet. We need to stop them or at least find new ways for them to continue without so many drawbacks.

– André Fernandes



“Honestly, the world problem that worries me the most is education. I think everything starts with upbringing and all world problems would decrease in size if we started talking about them with young kids and bringing awareness to those subjects from a young age. This applies to everything: discrimination and social constructs, climate change, politics, religious conflict and war and obviously safety, security and wellbeing.”

– Carolina Meleiro


If I could give my younger self two pieces of advice, I would say: ‘Never think you’re not good enough’ and ‘Don’t be afraid, go after what makes you feel good.

– Maria de Carvalho



The biggest problem for me is human kind. Nowadays we live in a world ruled by ignorance, if people don’t see what really matters, we’ll not last long.

– Ginho


“I think one of the biggest problems in the world is social and economic inequality. […] Rich people in power that don’t give a fuck about any minority and purposely make our lives more difficult and for some unbearable. I don’t have any other solution then keep on trying to take down the patriarchy, the system is too corrupted to change.”

– Ema Ramos


I know being Queer will always be my fight, but I can’t stand anymore seeing my community dying and suffering just because of pure hatred and ignorance of other people. It’s not that hard to respect others.
[…] Don’t give up! I know it’s hard, but everything happens for a reason. I didn’t give up and today I’m happy and very proud of the person I’ve become. I also know that I inspire many people with my story and there is no more gratifying feeling than that.

– Micael Cardoso



It’s rare to see anyone watching TV anymore. Radio and newspapers are outdated as news sources, for the most part. If we need to know anything it can be googled immediately. That fast access to information can also be overwhelming and/or stressful.

– Teresa Gonçalves


I would say that any problem should be treated in its origin, maybe if schools introduced social education kids wouldn’t grow to become this mad and also I would say therapy should be encouraged and mandatory in schools and jobs.

– Thomy


I don’t consider myself a religious person, it’s not even an issue I think about much. I respect each one, but I believe it is always important to remember and respect human rights first.

– Eva Pereira


Social media has played different parts in my life throughout the years. In my teenage years it was mostly a place of contact, where I could talk with my friends, be up to date on all the gossip and make plans, but it was also a very toxic place sometimes, when I would find myself comparing my life to others. But as I became older and fell more and more in love with my line of work it slowly became a place where I could simply be myself, without the judgment of the people around me and where I could meet and make friends that love makeup and content creation as much as I do, it’s no longer a place of jealousy but a place of confidence and happiness.

– Joana Lopes


There is a LOT of things to do about it [the climate]…when you change your behavior about something you´re already making a small change.

– Manuela Valente


 What worries me the most is pollution. People should stop throwing rubbish on the ground.

– Rodrigo Semedo


One of the problems that worries me most in the world today is ignorance, because it seems that human beings have completely lost track of what is morally correct. Unfortunately, this problem has already caused irreparable damage to society and to humanity. What can be done is to continue to instruct our own and the next generation with the millennial wisdom.

– Mikeias Djeme



The most sensational problem at the moment is the war between Russia and Ukraine, since I myself am from Russia, I am very upset by the actions of Russia, but I am glad that the world is not silent, supports Ukraine, I hope that soon everything will fall into place.

– Sofia Teleliukhina


“You should feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin and never let people tell you who you are, you’ll find your way through acceptance and love and after that you will feel so much happier with everything around you.”

– Pedro Sacramento




I mainly use Instagram but lately I’m trying not to use it too often as it gives me anxiety and frustration, because people (and I do it too ironically) show only good things and never the bad, so it looks like our lives are shit and that other people have everything we wish to have, and this can create very bad habits and stress.
[…] I always say that you can have everything in life but if you don’t have love, then you do not have anything.

– François Farcy



One of the current world problems that concerns me the most is social inequality, specifically hunger. I think that humanity should help out more, creating more international organizations to be able to fight hunger because it shocks and revolts me so much to see children dying due to hunger and lack of basic day-to-day conditions. In my opinion, the whole world should unite and help those most in need.

– Maria de Carvalho





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