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ETIC: Artist brushstrokes

Fantasy world

 If we could be transported for a moment into a work of art, or even a fantasy book, where would you choose to go?
In a new module, attached to the fashion styling course from ETIC, the students are guided by makeup artist Antonia Rosa and hairstylist Helena Vaz Pereira, to understand the basics of the profession. They were challenged to do research, create a concept and put it to life with a model  in a beauty shoot – and create a makeup full of texture to break down the barriers to a world of illusion.


Creative direction
Makeup artist
Antonia Rosa
Hair stylist
Helena Vaz Pereira from Griffehairstyle

Photography Fredericonceptual
Assisted by Hugo Tinoco and AJ Diniz


Makeup and hair by 16 ETIC students from Moda ETIC
Supported by
Hairstylist Nicole Francisco from Griffehairstyle
Makeup artists Marcelo DuarteNinê Nolasco Carolina Zambujo Patricia Correia Gabriela Cañas
and Antonia Rosa from AR Atelier

Ana Julia  Aicha  Diana Bobeica  Elysa Santos  Sophia Madsen Yanessa Gomes  from  Karacter Agency Eduarda Desorde  Erick Pun  Yana Khava  from Papaya Management
Gonçalo Valente  and  Matheus Silva

Words Letícia Marques


ETIC (Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação // School of Technology Innovation and Creation) was founded in 1991 and is based in the heart of Lisbon, near the riverfront, between Cais do Sodré and Santos. The main objective of the school is to prepare students for the labour market in creative fields. ETIC offers a wide range of practical courses in various sectors, including fashion and design. Through an innovative approach, it collaborates with leading professionals in the industry.

Our beauty editor Antonia Rosa and hairstylist Helena Vaz Pereira were invited to lead a course dedicated to hair and makeup. As tutors at ETIC, they pass on their professional experience and knowledge and play a key role in the development and training of students, providing guidance and inspiration to explore the full potential of make-up and hair as a form of artistic expression.

The 16 ETIC students from the Moda ETIC department had the possibility to work with ten models from Karacter Agency and Papaya Management. They formed ten groups and were supported on the set by Antonia´s professional makeup team from the AR Atelier to create the looks. Hairstylist Nicole Francisco, from Helena´s Griffehairstyle salon, was helping with hair.



Erick among Van Gogh´s brushstrokes

Makeup Jennifer Berlin and Noemi Oliveira
Hair Nicole Francisco




Diana as Caravaggio´s muse

Makeup and hair Eduardo Tobar and Fábio Girão




Sophia as little seamaid

Makeup Daniela Reis and Francisca Carvalho
Hair Nicole Francisco




Yanessa Galliano-style

Makeup Marco Gomes and Sónia Abreu
Supported by Ninê Nolasco




Eduarda and Yana as collaborative intelligence

Makeup Inês Santos and Marta Preiswerk 
Supported by
Carolina Zambujo
Hair Nicole Francisco





Elysa between ocean pearls and flower fungus

Makeup Selma Andrade and Tatjana Jourdain 
Supported by
Gabriela Cañas
Hair Nicole Francisco





Ana and the mystery of the deep sea

Makeup Catarina Guterres
Supported by Marcelo Duarte
Hair Nicole Francisco




Matheus in Wonderland

Makeup and hair Mafalda Vilela and Sophia Bragança 





Aicha in war and peace

Makeup and hair Mafalda Vilela and Sophia Bragança 
Supported by Patricia Correia




Gonçalo with a hundred eyes

Makeup and hair Gonçalo Valente
Supported by
Antonia Rosa 








To boot…

ANTONIA ROSA @antoniarosaatelier www.antoniarosa-atelier.com

HELENA VAZ PEREIRA @helenavazpereira  I www.academiahelenavazpereira.com/

GRIFFE HAIRSTYLE @griffehairstylewww.griffehairstyle.com




ETIC @eticoficial , @modaetic I etic.pt


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