| Jul 13, 2011

Portuguese artist Filipe Felizardo today completes his residency as the second artist to take over Lisbon’s Red Bull House of Art with the inauguration of his exhibition “Camera Avis Struthia” which will be open to the public until 30th July 2011.

Motivated by principles of eccentricity, Felizardo begun his residency at the House of Art on the 15th May this year and has since been transforming this old water tower, a relatively small cubic space with the most stunning view of the Lisbon skyline, using a mixture of trial and error; art and ingenuity. His site-specific “Camera Avis Struthia” installation involved drilling holes through the exterior walls of the building and then using a set of specially-placed lenses to reflect and transform true images of the surrounding landscape so that they are resynthesized within the four walls as floating projections within a symmetrical universe…

Felizardo”s camera obscura transforms the House of Art for 14 hours each day, when the sun is in the correct position to make these special compositions visible, giving a unique view into the discoveries of the artist”s creative exploration over the past 8 weeks.

Project curator Natxo Checa will be on hand from 2pm today to present the exhibition in all its glory, following Felizardo”s artistic journey as the sun continues to transform and evolve the images throughout the day.

The inauguration will continue until 11pm this evening and then the exhibition will be open to the public between 14th and 30th July Tuesday-Saturday, 2-7pm.

Red Bull House of Art:
LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, Lisboa


By Lucy Mclean

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