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After months of deliberation the reputable Red Bull Music Academy has chosen a DJ/Producer from Portugal for their exclusive global gathering in Madrid this Autumn. Zoot congratulates and presents Jorge Caiado…

Text By Chris Clyde Green

Thirteen years ago the “wing-bringers” at Red Bull created a music Academy for the most creative musicians around the globe (from Melbourne to Sao Paulo). Arguably, Red Bull is definitely more than a producer of just energy drinks!  They have successfully colluded with a range of artists every year to create constantly new sounds. Fortunately, this year maintains that trend.

The Academy, after reading the questionnaires of producers, musicians and vocalists from 96 countries, finally whittled it down to 60 diverse artists. These were the fortunate and talented minority to receive the invitation to the 2011 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. Jorge Caiado was chosen to join this elite as Portugal’s sole representative.

Caiado has strong links with the house scene of Portugal and beyond. His music is a fusion of deep Detroit house layered with his own Luso-twist. However, he is the son of many musical genres, citing influences as far ranging as jazz musician John Coltrane to Juan Atkins, arguably the father of Detroit techno.

This is an exciting opportunity for the young DJ, who is ecstatic at the chance to collaborate with other artists in purpose-built studios and attend lectures from luminaries in Madrid. One of the objectives of the attending artists will include creating a “Soundsystem” that combines soul with experimental electronic music.

A sound clash of cultures and genres will take place this Autumn in Madrid. The result is sure to make your musical mind take flight.

Check out Jorge Caiado’s music here:

Madrid Red Bull Music Academy 2011
Workshop 1: 23 October to 4 November 2011
Workshop 2: November 13 to November 25, 2011

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