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Written by: Joaquim Durães (Lovers&Lollypops) Photos by: Luísa Cativo

Lovers&Lollypops has always been about the feeling of closeness, belonging and family. We want music to influence us intuitively – we make decisions based on our heart rather than our reason.

Lovers&Lollypops is gradually turning into a big, united family, where the connection between band and label is preceded by friendship, above all. We don’t associate with bands we don’t have any sort of personal affinity with; if we can’t see ourselves having a drink with the band members, we can never develop a trusting relationship.

Like every other family, there comes a time where a reunion is absolutely necessary in order to meet all the members again, whether they’re near or far. That’s the main purpose of Milhões de Festa; to bring together once a year all the people we collaborate with, more or less often; those who we admire the most and those who are joining us for a last embrace, a last celebration.

Milhões de Festa is, above all, not a festival – but a family reunion.

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