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João Figueiredo

For its second week running, Work In Progress (WiP) Portugal is coinciding with the ‘Principe Real Live‘ arts festival (8-10 December) in Lisbon, inviting 5 resident artists to demonstrate their talents alongside a series of workshops and presentations designed to give insight into some of the most varied forms of contemporary painting in Portugal today.


The first artist, Bassanti, is a resident painter at Lisbon’s Galeria Ze dos Bois who focuses on questioning the familiar through his work which reflects a personal journey through time. Eime is a Porto-based artist specialising in urban art and graffiti, whilst Gil Maia was trained in sculpting and has held exhibitions across Portugal and the rest of the globe. Neves Guerreiro on the other hand comes from a background in Architecture but has been painting and designing for various exhibitions since 2004. The final resident artist, João Figueiredo, is renowned for his award-winning artworks and Tokyo-based exhibtion “PT – Woman – A Tribute”.

Gil Maia
Neves Guerreiro

This Work In Progress week runs from the 8th to 14th December on Rua Garrett 60, Chiado, Lisbon. Check out their website for more details and the weeks schedule.

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