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TTSWTRS invites us to celebrate love and the subtle manifestations of affection

Love leaves its trace in many ways, whether it’s a lipstick smudge after an affectionate kiss on the cheek or damp stains on clothes from warm after-shower hugs. As a passionate call to hug your loved ones as often as possible, Kyiv-based brand TTSWTRS launches its Valentine’s Day capsule collection celebrating love and its multiple forms of expression.

Words by Fernanda Russomano


Referred to as the “love hormone”, oxytocin plays an important part in our feelings of empathy, trust, sexual arousal and romantic attachment. Primarily associated with childbirth, oxytocin can also be released with the simplest expressions of affection, promoting a feeling of overall well-being. TTSWTRS’s new capsule collection is inspired by one of the most fundamental demonstrations of affection: a hug.

The “Hugs Series”, a two-piece collection, tells a story about after-shower hugs and features a unisex hoodie and a T-shirt with prints that imitate the marks of wet hands and bodies left on clothes after receiving a damp hug. Imprinting a love gesture onto fabric, TTSWTRS’s pieces physically depict the comfort and warmth that comes with hugging a loved one.



Founded in 2013 by Ukrainian stylist and costume designer Anna Osmekhina, TTSWTRS is a Ukrainian brand that is known for combining basic colors, simple cuts and its signature concept of creating optical illusions of tattoos covering the naked body. Since the “FRACTALE” collection launched last year in the midst of the ongoing devastating war in Ukraine, the brand’s focus has shifted towards symbolism, as evidenced in this latest capsule collection, which turns a simple garment into a wearable art piece of love and affection.

This Valentine’s Day campaign is TTSWTRS’s reminder that “Love has no gender and everyone deserves to love and to be loved”. It is a celebration of love in its purest form, without labels or rules. It encourages us to hug our loved ones, not only on February 14, but as a part of an everyday routine.


“Hugs” cotton T-shirt and hoodie available at TTSWTRS’s website.



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