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Antonia Rosa invited me to collaborate on a photoshoot, introducing me to her passion for trompe-l’oeil. The art form, which translates as “deceive the eye”, plays with perspective and introduces a realistic third dimension to a two-dimensional image. In our latest editorial, we spin a tale of optical illusion, painting pretend T-shirts directly onto the models’ bodies and disguising paint as everyday wear.

With trompe-l’oeil, while we’re drawn to the familiar, we may also be inclined to reject the illusion—just as we try on and then discard new personas in the muddled space between adolescence and adulthood. We’re seeing what fits and figuring it out.


Artistic direction and make-up concept by Antonia Rosa
using MaqPro Mac Cosmetics • Rowe Beauty Kryolan • Make Up For Ever and Blackup
available at Kitchen Make up Boutique

Photography and words by
 Guido Avelino

Assisted and styled by Fernanda Russomano
Production by Michelle Silva
Belts and sunglasses by Pop Closet

Models João Pinheiro  Diogo Vieira João Felix and Manuel Fernandes at Face Models
Sebastian Hubert   Sérgio Simões “Ginho” and  Rodrigo Semedo
Special appearance by Julie

Make-up by Fabiana Nuno Sara Natividade • Leonor Reis Micael Cardoso

Set at Antonia Rosa’s mad atelier, much of my inspiration came together by letting the place speak for itself alongside Fernanda Russomano’s styling. Taking a “’90s doing the ’70s” and “grunge doing punk” frame of reference, the use of utility jeans paired with faux-shirted torsos came about to create a narrative where the core message is youth expression and an invitation to journey into adulthood, welcoming these new boys in town as they navigate life through new and unknown versions of themselves.

We have all been the new boys in town in one scenario or another, whether arriving at college, moving to a new city or trying a new profession. When I first came to Lisbon, much of what I thought I knew about myself took unexpected directions in a world that can often feel overwhelming and chaotic. Whether it’s the first time encountering a challenge or facing a fond memory from the past, this photoshoot speaks directly to the feeling I first had when trying to emerge into the Lisbon fashion scene. It serves as a reminder—to myself and all of us—to slow down and appreciate the beauty and the people around us in the moment we’re in.

By mixing different make-up techniques, Antonia’s students developed the trompe-l’oeil illusion by applying colour with air brushes, sponges, clingfilm transfer and even their fingers in a variety of designs. Aligned with the main motif, the photoshoot celebrates a new take on self-expression and new ways to forge a path of our own—whether through clothing or the lack thereof.

The mood for this editorial comes from Lisbon’s nightlife in the ’90s. We used to paint our bodies in T-shirt shapes for themed discotheque parties, and my first body painting was a T-shirt with straps for Levi’s. In my first beauty body editorial, I reproduced the most emblematic T-shirts for me in that decade. My memories were the theme of this project for my class and assistants. —  Antonia Rosa, ZOOT beauty editor





Sérgio Simões “Ginho”
wearing skull T-shirt by Micael Cardoso using Kryolan



João Felix
wearing Rorschach T-shirt by Antonia Rosa using Rowe Beauty



João Pinheiro
wearing Hulk T-shirt by Sara Natividade using Make Up For Ever



Rodrigo Semedo
wearing high-neck tank top by Fabiana Nuno using Black Up


Diogo Vieira
wearing blue turtle neck T-shirt by Fabiana Nuno using Mac Cosmetics


Sebastian Hubert
wearing “Punk not dead” T-shirt by Antonia Rosa using MaqPro



Manuel Fernandes 
wearing red pointillism T-shirt by Leonor Reis using Maqpro


Edited by Michaela Doyle.

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