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The Swarovski name is primarily associated with the beauty and luxury of cut and faceted crystals, transformed into designs which illuminate women and showcase their natural beauty. Now the brand is developing this philosophy through fragrance and “makeup jewels” which the team at ZOOT have been lucky enough to test out…

The Swarovski Aura range includes a truly fresh, fruity and floral Eau de Parfum fragrance, created with Clarins Fragrance Group, which has a subtle rose coloured appearance to match the sweet rosey scent, and is presented in a faceted contemporary glass bottle reminiscent of the crystals that embody the Swarovski brand name. On top of this, each bottle is embedded with a genuine Swarovski crystal of its own…

Swarovski Eau de Parfum range; 30ml, 15ml, 50ml, 75ml

Swarovski then invites you to “crystallize your body”, introducing the Aura perfumed shower gel, perfumed body cream and sparkling crystal gloss for lips.

Swarovski Aura 150ml Body Cream and 200ml Shower Gel

The Aura by Swarovski body cream has a rich texture and a beautifully powerful scent which can last all day long and perfectly harmonise with the Aura Eau de Parfum fragrance. The cream is specially formulated to illuminate skin, enriched with genuine micronized Swarovski Crystal and a sleek Crystal Shine powder making the cream smooth and leaving skin feeling soft and silky. Meanwhile the Aura shower gel subtly perfumes the skin while hydrating and protecting, making your morning shower that little bit more enjoyable and fresh.

Swarovski Crystal Touch LIp Gloss

The sparkling gloss for lips, once unwrapped from its impressive folded paper flower packaging, is encased in a “Crystal Gloss Make up Jewel”, a sleek silver pot cut like a crystal pendant in which the gently sparkling balm is held protected, like the dazzling core of a real crystal gem. The lip gloss is also enriched with micronized Swarovski crytsal and Crystal Shine powder ready to smooth, hydrate and “crystallize” lips, available in pink or transparent gloss tones.

By Lucy Mclean

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