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A colourful day at the atelier

All hands on deck for a polychromatic encounter

Carmi wearing top by TROCADES; make up by Antonia Rosa assisted by Lara.


Our new team member Lara, a fashion student who joined us from Marseille for the past two months, had a kick start into her internship with ZOOT. Her initial meeting with our creative director Antonia Rosa turned into an unexpected experience. Lara arrived at Antonia’s atelier in the middle of a busy make-up session with five models, make-up artists and stylist, the renowned fashion designer Pedro Trocades. Up-and-coming photographer Isabela Glock was setting the light for the beauty shoots to capture the colourful characters being created,
when all of a sudden, Lara arrived.



Creative direction Antonia Rosa using Kryolan and MAC Cosmetics

Make up Joana Lopes Pedro TrocadesBeatriz BontempoIsabella Glock

Photography Isabella Glock

Styling Pedro Trocades

Models Carmi SilvaDiana Leong William Diogo Vieira and Bianca at Face Model Agency

Words, styling & make-up assistant and model
Lara Sagel  at 
ESDM Diderot Marseille


For the very first day of my internship with ZOOT, I stumbled into this makeup experience that ended in the following photoshoot.

The make-up was free interpretations of different inspirations and different icons. As it was my first day, I didn’t understand everything in Portuguese, but for sure I could feel the strong team work energy. Led by Antonia Rosa, with professionalism and great benevolence, everyone felt like they belonged where they were. Everyone helped or gave advice to each other.

Antonia’s atelier is a place of creativity, free expression. And thanks to the makeup, which can act on us as a magic trick, we are able to transform a “normal” human into someone or something else—to tell new stories.

During the shooting, one model was missing, and Antonia asked me to model. I said yes, even if I just met all the team only a few hours ago, because I felt I was in a safe place.

So, here I am, after helping a little bit with the make-up and the shoot, sitting on the makeup chair myself, with Joana Lopes starting the magic on my face and Pedro Tocades styling new clothes on me.

I’m not Lara anymore. I am Lara Boop, freely inspired by Betty Boop.

I know if you are a model, or a comedian, or an actor, you might be used to seeing your image change, to becoming someone else just by a change of the appearance. But for Lara Boop, it was a new and exciting experience. Afterwards, when I had left and washed the make-up off, I felt myself back to normal, casual Lara.



Child of Dune
infused with blue Spice

Make-up by Isabella Glock
Featuring Carmi




Anthems for the moon
and The man who fell to earth

Make-up by Beatriz Bontempo
Featuring Diana




Caught a vibe
with pierced beauty

Make-up by Joana Lopes
Featuring Bianca

Sea-through shirt by TROCADES.

For Bianca, I think I catch a vibe right when I saw her when I entered the atelier, I just started the makeup and let it flow, she looks so cool and beautiful with her shaved head and the piercing.  — Joana Lopes




Lucha Libre
through Dracul´s eyes

Make-up by Pedro Trocades
Featuring William



My main inspiration for the makeup was a little bit of a wrestling fighter, meets Dracula. The combo came from the experiment in the moment playing with colors and contrasts. — Pedro Trocades




Pirate of the Caribbean
with Wild Wild West vibes

Make-up by Antonia Rosa
Featuring Diogo




Sweet Betty Boop
meets Chucky´s bride

Make-up by Joana Lopes
Featuring Lara

I wanted to bring out the sweetness of Lara’s character and of Betty Boop but push a little “mean girl” vibe with the fake piercings, and make a reference to Chucky’s bride Tiffany.

— Joana Lopes

Shirt by ANTIQUE C´EST CHIC; corset by TROCADES.







ANTIQUE C’EST CHIC @antiquecestchic

TROCADES @ptrocades




Edited by Michaela Doyle.

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