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Here at ZOOT Magazine we were lucky enough to test the new Chanel CHANCE Eau Tendre and Eau Fraiche sheer moisture mist and shimmering touch beauty products.

By Lucy Mclean

The Chance Eau Tendre has a blossoming fruity scent while the Eau Fraiche releases refreshing citrus tones, both providing perfectly balanced light fragrances for any occasion.

The Chanel Chance Sheer Moisture Mist, which comes in both the pearled pink Eau Tendre version and the smooth green Eau Fraiche, not only acts as a luxury day-to-day body spritz providing a beautiful fragrance which lasts all day long but also moisturises and hydrates skin for an excellent two-in-one combination of beneficial beauty product and classic Chanel fragrance. The fine scented mist is a quick and easy way of applying moisturiser without the hassle of rubbing in lotions and creams and as the mist is absorbed into skin its fragrance remains so you feel fresh and energised for longer.

Displaying the shimmering pink and green tones relating to each specific fragrance, the Chanel Chance Shimmering Touch is a unique product with a soft gel-like consistency that provides moisture and care for skin whilst applying a gentle glittered effect, making skin silky and sparkling whilst gently holding the tones of each unique Chanel fragrance.

These new Chanel Chance Toiletries combine fragrance with sumptuous skin care to provide products which are subtle yet luxurious and can be used all day long to boost that classic Chanel feeling of femininity and beauty.

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