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Taking inspiration from the bold fashion collections of John Galliano himself, this year Dior relaunched a line of Addict lipsticks, seeing a range of 56 striking shades which range from the deepest shades of burgundy and chocolate to the softest baby pinks and peaches.

With a completely new formula containing 25% less wax than a classic lipcolour, these new lipsticks incorporate instead a unique reflecting gel which gives a more modern look of transparency as well as providing hydration and long-lasting plumping effects to intensify the shine, shape and above all, colour, of the lip.

Embodied by none other than the fearless Dior muse Kate Moss, these vibrant colour tones represent her rock’n’roll attitude combined with her unique femininity, whilst providing the ultimate fashion accessory which combines beauty and couture, colour and style… Perfect for all true Dior addicts.

By Lucy Mclean

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