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Renowned Lebanese designer Elie Saab now presents his first fragrance; a scent that exudes femininity whilst transcribing the duality of his personal universe by combining the light of the East with the modernity of the West…

The subtle yet engaging eau de parfum pays homage to the world of a fashion designer. Saab loves the idea of playing with different lights, focusing on the sensations rather than having a precise image in mind. The fragrance captures resonances of woody cedar and white flower bouquets with central notes of jasmine Sambac and dazzling tones of orange blossom to create a magical and Mediterranean ambiance which evokes the freshness and warmth of sunshine and light. Made to enrich your sensual aroma, the fragrance extends to surrounding elegant tones of rose honey which develop the floral vibrations and give an extra feminine glow to the perfume.

Model, Anja Rubik, perfectly embodies the spirit of the scent with her intensely feminine, magnetic and radiant look, translated further into the smooth reflections and floral pink glow seen through the angled bottle, paying homage to the world of couture, art, fragrance and light…

By Lucy Mclean

Elie Saab Le Parfum 90ml, 50ml, 30ml
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