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This new-generation SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME draws its power from the vanilla plants of Madagascar (Vanilla Planifolia, fondly known as “the green diamond”) providing a product that not only hydrates and evens the complexion but is also said to increase firmness of skin by 26% and reduces wrinkles and fine lines by up to 22%.

The Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream was first introduced by the House of CHANEL back in 2006 and, with its deeply regenerating properties from extracts of vanilla plant, soon became a popular basic amongst makeup artists and Chanel fans worldwide.

Using extreme precision CHANEL’s research team crafted a molecular recombination of both the vanilla flower and its green fruit to bring us an updated cream that will be truly beneficial. It’s single key ingredient Enriched Planifolia PFA is ultra-pure and ultra-powerful, created through an exclusive purification technique developed by Chanel. This singular ingredient contains an impressive concentration of polyketones and heterosides which increase the skin’s capacity for regeneration.

CHANEL say that with every day of use (the cream is to be massaged into skin every morning and/or evening on a cleansed face and neck) the complexion recovers its original, beautiful glow…

Here at ZOOT we were immediately enchanted by the sweet vanilla scent of the Sublimage La Crème Texture Suprème and we handed it over to one of our fantastic hair stylists,  Helena Vaz Perreira at Griffe Hairstyle, to try out:

I’ve been using this cream for over 2 months now but I started to notice a difference within the first week. I use the cream each morning before applying makeup. The main differences I noticed since using the cream are that my skin feels much more comfortable and is definitely more luminous too.”

Sublimage La crème is available in 2 textures; the Texture Suprême, “a cashmere soft texture that envelops the skin in luxurious richness”, and the Texture Universelle, “a fine and silky texture that embraces the skin with a sheer and delicate touch”.

By Lucy Mclean

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