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Uslu Airlines is giving a new face to the lipstick industry with its new edition TOR lipstick, created by the “Uslu’s Eleven”; a group of 11 guys living and/or working on Torstrasse in Berlin. This mismatched bunch of photographers, gallerists, designers, skaters or soccer players may not be the most likely makeup specialists but they sure are a good representation of guys that women are trying to entice, right? Created by guys for girls, this new lipstick is sure to please any man-seeking female of the modern day…

Uslu's Eleven

TOR will be on sale in the shops, bars, galleries or hotels located along Berlin’s Torstrasse and if you are lucky enough to purchase yours directly from one of the Uslu’s Eleven you will receive a little something extra with your stick… Because, as well as creating this hot red lipstick shade, the gang have each come up with a unique gift to give away with each sale.

Jan Friese
Bureau MM
Laust Frideriksen
Soto Store
St. Oberholz

For more info and a map of where to find TOR visit

Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Uslu if you run a business on Torstrasse and would like to sell TOR.

By Lucy Mclean

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